Clubhouse officially lands on Android

Clubhouse officially arrives on Android, starting its 'beta' tests on the Google Play Store in the United States.

Surely many, including myself, still do not understand the enormous success of Club House, mostly because we don't know what Clubhouse really is and how useful it is this social network that promises to be more human, based on voice and providing a corner on-line to meet to speak, listen, share and debate with our followers.

In any case, its success was not complete because it certainly Clubhouse was closing to the majority of the mobile market, without the option of using the social network on Android and with dozens of alternatives ahead of them on the right while Paul Davidson, co-founder of Clubhouse, stated that his app for Android was a priority for the company and would be ready very soon. If even Telegram had won the game with their voice chasts!

Clubhouse officially comes to Android

And finally, Clubhouse announces its official landing on the Android platform.

The wait is finally over, because while the industry claimed that the beta was almost ready it seems that Clubhouse developers were busy finishing their tests to present this to us as soon as possible Program beta for Android which is now available in the United States and will begin to roll out gradually.

It will not grow excessively due to its invitation policy, but Clubhouse is testing its official Android applications in the United States right now.

What is Clubhouse, the exclusive audio-only social network

Therefore, this halo of strict user selection is maintained, first because of that access policy by invitation, and now for a phase beta in Android that starts closed, and that they announced from Clubhouse directly by giving welcoming users of the Google mobile platform to his curious social network based on audios.

The confirmation that comes from the social network is that this version beta will be released immediately in the US market, soon to reach other English-speaking countries and then the rest of the world. The idea of ​​the limited testing program is collect feedback and feedback to improve the application and make it as complete and stable as possible, before implementing it globally.

In addition, there is work left for complete functions such as payments or creating clubs, something basic to monetize the service, and above all necessary now that Clubhouse aims to grow as a company after its huge success in previous funding rounds.

From Clubhouse they affirm that now your service will feel complete, without the need for your users to ask before sending invitations to their contacts if they use iPhone or Android, and appreciate the patience of the android community who they want to welcome to their audio social network.

How to download Clubhouse for Android

It's pretty straightforward, although obviously you will need to live in the United States or explore alternatives to VPNs or similar, if they work, being able to sign up from the website without going any further.

The frequently asked questions are here so that you can confirm all the details, and obviously it is also possible access the app from the Google Play Store, although for now in Spain not even a pre-registration has been activated:

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