Chrome is testing an RSS reader so you can follow the news a la Google Reader

On July 1, the closure of Google Reader will be eight years old. The reason for the closure was that the use of its RSS reader had decreased in recent years, but now we find that Google now wants to integrate an RSS reader in Chrome.

Taking advantage of the I / O 2021 framework, Google has announced the launch of an experiment with the aim of helping users and web publishers create deeper connections in Chrome: an RSS reader

This is the experimental RSS reader for Chrome

For a while, the browser Chrome recommends us through the section Discover news and articles that might interest us. Well, Google wants us to follow our favorite posts.

This way you can ask the Google Assistant to read you the news, articles or posts on the web pages

In the news portals with RSS, the Chrome browser will show the option "+ Follow" in the navigation menu. In this way, the user will subscribe to their RSS to receive all their news in the improved version of Discover, which will now have a recommendation tab and another with the websites that we are Following.

Chrome Rss

Google encourages publishers to keep their RSS feeds up to date so that Chrome will show their users the latest content. During the experiment they will offer guidance to publishers while Google will learn and evaluate if this feature can reach everyone, or if it will not go beyond an experiment. Everything will depend on the reception of this Chrome built-in "Google Reader".

The negative part of the news is that the experiment will only be carried out in the United States. During the next weeks, users from that country will be able to follow their favorite websites to receive all their news in the new section that will be released Chrome Canary.

We hope that this initiative to integrate an RSS reader in Chrome will be successful and we will see how Google Reader more or less comes to life in a more simplified version.

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