Best Netflix and HBO detective series to follow the clues

Mystery lover? Then enjoy some of the best detective series on Netflix and HBO.

Without a doubt, the detective series are full of mystery, emotion, surprises and everything you need to entertain you. Luckily, on the main streaming platforms there are several that can make you have a good time in front of the screen. So in this opportunity, we will tell you what they are The 7 best detective series on Netflix and HBO with which to follow clues.

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Do you like detective series? Well then you have reached the right place. There are plenty of Netflix and HBO detective series on this list that can hook you right out of the box. You just take care of choosing the one you like the most and that's it.

best detective series netflix hbo

The best detective series on Netflix and HBO

7 incredible detective series from Netflix and HBO

Any series on this list will allow you to investigate facts, circumstances, and people involved to solve crimes from the couch. And if you were looking for something different, better take a look at this list of the best narcos and mafia series that you can see on Netflix. Either way, just pick one of the series featured in this article to start having fun while following some clues.

  • Blacklist
  • Mindhunter
  • Seven seconds
  • Real detective
  • Marcella
  • True detective
  • Perry mason



Blacklist is one of the longest and most interesting series you will see on this list. This is the story of Raymond Reddington a millionaire who is also one of the most wanted criminals and decides to work alongside the FBI to catch the worst criminals in the country. Thanks to his skills and experience, his role as a detective is most effective and extravagant.

If you start watching Blacklist, you can be sure that you'll be entertained for a good amount of time. Everything will depend on you and if you want to see it complete!

Do you like this series very much? Then you should also give these 4 alternatives to Blacklist that you can watch on Netflix a try.

  • Year: 2017.
  • Seasons: 6.
  • Episodes: 132.
  • Approximate duration: 43 minutes.



Mindhunter is an explicit series that will put you in the shoes of some policemen investigating serial killers and solving their crimes by studying both the mind and behavior of the evildoers. The interesting thing about Mindhunter is that many of the murderers existed in real life, so you will know a lot of Machiavellian stories where reality is stranger than fiction.

This series mixes detective, psychologist and police skills throughout each chapter. Mindhunter is comprehensive, interesting and addictive!

  • Year: 2017.
  • Seasons: 2.
  • Episodes available: 19.
  • Approximate duration: 50 minutes.

Seven seconds


Seven Seconds is a Netflix detective series that exposes a harsh reality. Why? Because It begins with the death of a 15-year-old African American boy in Jersey City, a crime that prompts a police cover-up and an exhaustive search for truth and justice.

eye! You must be clear that this production has several strong images, so it is not recommended for sensitive people or for children under 16 years of age.

  • Year: 2018.
  • Seasons: 1.
  • Episodes: 10.
  • Approximate duration: 60 minutes.

Real detective


Real Detective is a series that, as its name implies, fuses the documentary style with dramatic recreations. Here you will see how a group of detectives remembers the worst case they solved in their careers, one that makes them feel dejected many years later.

In Real Detective you will see real testimonies, which is an excellent way to understand what the researchers went through when they had to work on these cases. Witness how investigators are mocked by serial killers, influential friends of suspects interfere, and many other interesting situations that you will see with your own eyes.

  • Year: 2017.
  • Seasons: 2.
  • Episodes: 16.
  • Approximate duration: 41 minutes.



This series called Marcella tells the story of a retired detective who left the job after failing to find a serial killer who, without explanation, stopped killing. When Marcella was doing her family life, she received a call from her boss asking her to go back to work as a body appeared with the signature of the criminal who made him put aside his work as a detective.

Marcella returns to her hunt, but is now much more confused and fierce than she was a few years ago. Will you be able to achieve your goal? Start watching it and draw your own conclusions!

  • Year: 2019.
  • Seasons: 3.
  • Episodes: 24.
  • Approximate duration: 45 minutes.

True detective


True detective is one of the best detective series of recent years. This tells the story of the long and arduous investigation of two policemen (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson). Each season has a different plot and cast, but all have what it takes to hook you from the first chapter.

If you were looking for one addictive, surprising and well structured series that you can watch on HBO, then this is a perfect alternative for you.

  • Year 2014.
  • Seasons: 3.
  • Episodes: 24.
  • Approximate duration: 60 minutes.

Perry Mason


Perry Mason is a remake available on HBO of a classic detective series that aired from 1957 to 1966. This tells the story of private investigator Perry Mason, who was assigned by his friend and mentor EB Jonathan to study the case of Charlie Dodson (a child who was kidnapped and had his eyes opened before his death).

Although this set in 1931, has everything you need to hook you in these moments of life. The resurrection of a classic!

  • Year: 2020.
  • Seasons: 1.
  • Episodes: 8.
  • Approximate duration: 55 minutes.
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