Best 9 free apps to learn Arduino on Android

They are the best apps to learn Arduino from 0 to 100

If you are here, it is because you want to know more about Arduino and everything you can do with one of these devices. And it is that the projects with Arduino are so extensive and varied that they allow you to handle a robot, control the lights in your house, or even play the Google dinosaur in a more real way.

Therefore, we have created a list with 9 applications that they will allow you to learn how to edit, compile, program, manage and synchronize the information you need to bring your Arduino project to life.

free apps to learn Arduino on Android

Top free apps to learn Arduino

All You can download the apps on the list for free from the Google Play StoreWhether you are a beginner or an Arduino expert, here you will find valuable tools to help you learn.

Arduino Science Journal


We started this top application with Arduino Science Journal, which in addition to being free is open source. With it you can collect data using the sensors of your mobile, you can also do it with external hardware via Bluetooth.

You can do experiments immediately, including science-related lessons that are useful for both students and teachers in the area. An important detail is that this application can be used by children, since it is very easy to use.

Arduino Programming App


In this application you will find everything you need to learn Arduino programming, including coding, circuit diagram, as well as all the explanation for you to create your project. Likewise, you will have access to the sensor modules, microcontrollers and links to download a microcontroller library.

The app has learning material and audios to learn about Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry pi, among others.

Arduino Language Reference

Arduino Language Reference app

If you are looking for an app that helps you with the Arduino language this is for you, also works without internet connection. The information is divided into three parts, one for the structure, another for the values ​​and the last one contains the functions.

You can change the font size, themes, among other details of the app. It contains advertisements and all content is in English.

Arduino Tutorials

Arduino Tutorials app

To learn about Arduino you can download this app that has more than 60 tutorials especially on the subject, with examples on reading serial analog, flashing without delay, by repeating the loop, mouse control button, among others. One fact about the application is that it has a dark theme.

Beginner Kit Arduino

app Beginner Kit Arduino

This is an ideal app for Arduino beginners that consists of at least 15 tutorials explained in projects. Among them you will find: temperature alarm, DIY fan, flashing LED and many more. It also includes Serial Monitor to perform the necessary debugging. It is a very complete app to start with Arduino, but its content is in English and cannot be translated from the application.



With this application you can compile, edit and download information to your Arduino board without having to connect to the Internet. Also will allow you to diagnose errors and warnings in real time and, if you are going to compile sketches, you will not need to use the root user.

An important detail of this app is that contains ads which, in many cases, can be very annoying when compiling.

Learn Arduino Programming

app Learn Arduino Programming

When you start learning Arduino you need to know how to program and build your projects, with this app you will achieve it quickly and easily. Learn Arduino Programming contains tutorials on programming syntaxIt also has open codes that are free so you can work on your Arduino project without any problem.

Blynk for Arduino


Blynk is a very simple to use application that fits into any Arduino project, you just need to configure the widgets and upload Blynk sketch code to the board to use it. Supports Arduino boards: Uno, Nano, Mini, Pro Mini, Pro Micro, Mega, YÚN (Bridge), Due, among others. It also has a variety of examples that will help you if you are a beginner or a professional, with Blynk you can enter the forum to consult your questions and, if you want total control, you can use Blink Nube or implement your own Blynk Server.

Arduino Spanish

Arduino Spanish app

We finish this top with an application that will allow you to learn about Arduino in Spanish, you will be able to compile Uno, Mega, Nano boards, among others, understand the programming syntax, conditionals, loops, codes and other functions such as: digitalRead, digitalWrite, analogRead and analogWrite. In the same way, you will learn all about the components of a microcontroller.

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