best 7 applications to follow the price of cryptocurrencies

Track the price of your cryptocurrency portfolio with any of these apps.

Have you also bought bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Unlike the stock market, the price of cryptocurrencies never stops, so it is convenient to have on hand the value of the cryptos in our portfolio. Something especially important because, in the world of bitocin and ethereum, you can lose a considerable sum of money in a very short time.

Precisely for this reason, in addition to the broker or the exchange of rigor, the best partner that an investor (or speculator) of cryptocurrencies can have, is a good app with which to follow and monitor the price of your assets and keep up to date with market news.

Best apps to follow the quotes of cryptocurrencies

follow cryptocurrency price quote

Cryptocurrency fever has been on the rise in recent months

Part of the process holde cryptocurrencies consists of having a stomach and withstanding the ups and downs of the market watching the prices go up and down non-stop. For this reason, we have selected the best applications to check cryptocurrency prices. Create your own watchlists, activate alerts and find out about the latest news from the sector. Just pick one and get on the crypto rollercoaster.

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Delta
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Coinbase
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockfolio
  • The Crypto App

Yahoo Finance


We start with what is possibly the best app for the follow-up of quotes, both stocks and cryptocurrencies. Yahoo Finance offers real-time market data allowing us to configure all kinds of custom lists with our preferred stocks and cryptocurrencies. It has a friendly interface and tremendously simple to use that will make you take a liking very quickly.

In addition, next to each share or cryptocurrency, the application shows related news, so it is very easy to keep up to date and find out why does something go up or down in the complex financial world. As a weak point, it should be noted that "only" It includes a hundred cryptocurrencies, so if yours are "shit-coins" you may have to try another application.



Delta is one of the most comprehensive financial asset tracking applications out there

We are facing a application specially designed for fans of cryptocurrencies. It must be said that it is a bit "coffee for the very coffee growers", so its interface learning curve is a tad steep.

For the rest, it includes practically any crypto-asset of the market, however minority it may be. You may set up different portfolios, price alerts or fiddle with your financial asset converter. In case you need it, it also allows you to monitor prices of stocks and ETFs.

For those more advanced users, Delta has a professional plan with which you can access more complex technical data.



CoinMarketCap, a very complete app to follow the prices of cryptocurrencies

CoinMarketCap is an application very similar to Delta with the addition that it goes deeper, something more, in everything related to the crypto news.

Thus, in addition to using the app to follow the price of hundreds of cryptocurrencies, you will be able to keep up to date with everything that happens in the world by receiving the latest news for each coin.

It also offers the possibility of create custom price alerts for any asset, as well as various advanced tools to get more out of your crypto portfolio.


Coinbase mobile app

The Coinbase app allows us to follow the price of cryptocurrencies in a very simple way

Although its main function is not the monitoring of cryptocurrencies but their purchase and sale, Coinbase also allows us follow the prices of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum or ripple in a very comfortable way.

With eye-catching and clear graphics and the security offered by a giant in the crypto world of the stature of Coinbase, the app makes it easy for us to follow our favorite cryptocurrencies in a clean and ad-free. Cryptocurrencies crypto has a special version of its popular cryptocurrency tracking app

Along with Yahoo Finance, is the reference website of everything related to the financial world. In view of the success of cryptocurrencies in recent years, the latter launched a version of its well-known focused app only to cryptocurrencies.

As you can imagine, this cryptocurrency division brings together some of the best features of the original app, applied, of course, to the crypto world.

As in the application (which by the way, exceeds 10 million downloads), this variant incorporates watch lists easily configurable, real-time price alerts, news, analysis and even a practical converter.

Includes quotes for more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies and all guarantees.



The Blockfolio application also allows you to buy cryptocurrencies

Compatible with more 8000 cryptocurrencies, Blockfolio is one of the best known bitcoin apps in the world, offering unique functions such as exclusive news updates or analysis of buying and selling trends.

Like many other applications on this list, with Blockfolio you can configure price alerts and check the status of your wallet in great detail. Ad-free and with a beginner-friendly interface, it also allows buy and sell of the main cryptocurrencies on the market.

The Crypto App

The Crypto App

The Crypto App is a very powerful tool for cryptocurrency lovers

Take your relationship with cryptocurrencies to another level with The Crypto App, a very complete tool with which you can monitor more than 3000 cryptocurrencies and access high-value technical indicators.

As if that were not enough, The Crypto App also allows buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Visa and Mastercard cards. Connect your portfolio and configure price alerts and notifications so you don't miss anything, you even have the possibility to configure widgets on the home screen of your mobile.

Analyze the market, make conversions between cryptocurrencies, keep up to date with all the news, find opportunities ... The Crypto App is everything a suite room ideal for any "crypto-addict" worth his salt.

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