Avoid long queues at your polling station by checking the saturation of its capacity in real time on this official CAM website

Today, as many Spanish readers will know, there are regional elections in the Community of Madrid. Officially, these are the 2021 Madrid Assembly Elections. And as you can see, it is not just any day.

In Spain, as a general rule, elections are usually held on a Sunday and not on a working Tuesday. This, added to the measures to prevent contagions in indoor spaces motivated by COVID-19, has led to long lines in many polling stations, despite the official messages so that the time of the vote is distributed well.

In anticipation that this could happen, the Community of Madrid has launched the website '4M Capacity Consultation' so that we know at all times, and almost in real time, how saturated is our electoral college, which has been assigned to us according to the place where we are registered.

An ideal website to take a quick look from your mobile

Capacity Consultation

The capacity consultation website is very simple. When we open it, we will see a Google Maps map where we can zoom in to find our town and school. However, if what we want is to go directly to it **, the web allows us to search by municipality, local or postal code **. When doing it with the "28024", for example, schools of that zip code are suggested to us, such as the IES Parque Aluche or the CEIP Cuba.

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However, the most interesting thing is that the web also has geolocation if we give it permission to obtain our location, so it will take us directly to the area of ​​our school without even having to enter data. Once we click on our school or any other, we see a graph like the following:

Screenshot 2021 05 04 At 12 39 14

In this case, of the three possible influxes (low, medium or high), the school has high, as indicated by its yellow color. In that case, if there is a need to vote now, at least it is known that there will be a long queue, although for this the four legal hours are also granted. The website also indicates that if "you are waiting outside at 8:00 p.m., you will be able to vote (Agreement 68 of the Provincial Electoral Board)". In this way, no one will be left without voting despite queues at closing time.

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