Archcraft is another stupid and sexy Arch-based minimalist Linux distro that looks just phenomenal.

It's been years since a Linux distro has caught my attention so much that I feel like I want to make it my day-to-day operating system. But is that Archcraft is so cool, pretty, extremely light, customizable and just phenomenal, which I'm considering dual-boot for the first time in a while.

I even think that I visualize a PC at home only with this distro, a few months or perhaps more time in which I work only with Linux and experience life in another way, whether or not it is permanent or possible on a practical level (I cannot stop writing about Windows and to test all its novelties). But this distro has renewed my enthusiasm for Linux 200%.

Yes, another minimalist Arch-based Linux distro

Archcraft Clear

In Archcraft they know that they are not exactly reinventing the wheel, in fact, their motto is literally what I write above: it is yet another Linux distro, with a minimalist style and that is based on Arch. Arch-based distros are some of the best and most beloved of the moment.

Examples like Manjaro sure come to mind quickly, but there are others somewhat less known such as ArchBang, EndeavorOS, ArchLabs, or Chakra, to name just a few that they try to bring the Arch Linux experience to the user, but in a more user friendly way.

Archcraft is not exactly this, It is an Arch based distro but it is not geared towards beginners, far from this. It is aimed at advanced users, who are looking for a minimalist system, which consumes few resources, and which can be fully customized.

Theme With Dock

With this style, Archcraft adds a dock to the desktop

I've tried using Linux as my main system and elementary OS Hera is the closest I've come to achieving it

The distro has no desktop environment only lightweight window managers like Openbox and Bspwm. It is basically an option for those who want a preconfigured version of Arch Linux that uses lightweight applications. It is also definitely a distro for those who value desktop aesthetics very much and enjoy customizing.. We are a niche, but a pretty intense one.

Not having a desktop environment but lightweight window managers does not suit many people, you cannot resize windows by dragging the mouse as we are used to in most systems, nor do you have bars or docks with your favorite apps to launch in a click (although you can add it with a small change of theme from the preferences).

For many users it is simply a lot of complication to learn to do everything with keyboard shortcuts, it is important to know what you are facing if you want to try this distro, but also know this is a dramatic performance advantageespecially if your team is low on resources.

Install Archcraft

The Archcraft Installer

An ultra light distro with a formidable aesthetic for those who are not afraid to do (almost) everything with the keyboard

Yes indeed, installation is extremely simple thanks to the Calamares installer. The Windows key or CMD on Mac is used to launch the applications menu, and if you are testing from the Live CD, there you will see the option to install Archcraft first. The rest is to follow simple instructions in a graphical interface and to send.

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The software installation is more classic of retro Linux, there is no application center like in most modern distros, so you will have to pull the terminal. The advantage is that thanks to pacman or yay and the beautiful AUR repositories, you have everything available in a quick command:

A sudo pacman -S firefox gimp install Firefox and Gimp, for example. Or a yay -S spotify installs the latest version of Spotify for Linux.

Although I have only been testing it in a virtual machine, I have fallen in love with Archcraft quite a bit, it has many interesting features, it is super fast and its aesthetics is luxurious. Plus, it's extremely easy to switch between predesigned "themes" or styles that the distro already includes that just look great.

If you are one of those who likes to try new distros for funOr maybe you were actually looking for something like this: light, fast, simple and ready to go, Archcraft is a great option.

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