Android 12 renews its scroll thanks to an unprotected iPhone patent

With Google I / O 2021 came the first beta of Android 12, a version of the operating system that, among others, comes to change at the level of design and animations. Since the first Developer Preview, presented in February 2021, a new "bounce" animation has come to Android, and what was not expected was the story behind it.

The origin of this "elastic" animation, as our colleagues from Applesfera tell us, comes from the first iPhone presented in 2007, and whose design patents have been unprotected. Said patents are now available to manufacturers and, just at the moment when they have been discovered, Google has wanted to introduce it in its new version.

The new elastic scroll of Android 12 is not something so new

Apple introduced the original iPhone in January 2007, just over 14 years ago. One of the historical points of the iPhone at the animation level has always been its scroll bounce, a small animation that makes, when we reach the end of a menu, the screen make a bounce effect, instead of being fixed directly.

Android 12 beta, we have tested it: the first brushstrokes of a big change

As reflected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, design-related patents that protected Apple they have a protection of 14 years. Specifically, all design patents prior to May 2015 have this validity period. If we add those 14 years to 2007, the year of presentation of the iPhone, we go to 2021.

The scroll of Android 12 is not traced to that of the iPhone, but it does generate a visual effect when we reach the end of a menu

With Android 12 comes a version similar to this scroll, although instead of bouncing the interface holes themselves, the letters are stretched with the bounce effect. This is a minor change at the interface level, but it is more than curious that just at the moment when the patents at the iPhone design level have expired, this function has been implemented in Android.

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