Amazon protects your elders with this curious and effective call blocker

With this CPR V5000 you can block up to 1,500 phone numbers so that they stop bothering the elderly. You can buy it on Amazon.

Decide who calls the phone and who doesn't with this call blocker very useful to protect your elders. We already know how annoying marketing calls can be, so it's best to set limits to gain in privacy and tranquility.

The name of this curious call blocker is CPR V5000 and its original price is 75.90 euros. If you are interested in your purchase, you are in luck, well Amazon It is currently on sale for about 62 euros, so you can save more than 13 euros when you buy it.

Simple but effective use against phone spam

This call blocker gives you the opportunity to block up to 1,500 numbers.

Just as you can block calls on your Android mobile, on your home phone - whether landline or wireless - you can install the CPR V5000 call blocker, a curious device that connects in seconds. Of course, you must meet a requirement: the phone must have caller id.

This gadget factory blocks 5,000 numbers that it already has registered as malicious. Also, you can add 1,500 more numbers. How? Clicking on the big red button that the blocker has when you receive a call from the number in question.

When you receive a call from the blocked number again, the phone will turn on, but will not sound at any time. Undoubtedly, the ideal item to be able to relax at home without being continually bothered with sales calls.

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