Amazon helps you protect your cryptocurrencies and make HODL to become a millionaire

Keep your cryptocurrencies protected in this curious electronic wallet.

Climb without an apparent roof or collapse suddenly, the cryptocurrencies they are on everyone's lips. Now you can store them in a physical wallet thanks to Ledger Nano S, one of the products sold by Amazon. This curious device, which is at your fingertips for 59 euros, will protect and manage Bitcoins, Ethereums and many other virtual currencies.

This is a wallet for cryptocurrencies

Ledger Nano S with the latest firmware version (1.4) Allows you to send and receive crypto assets safely and conveniently. The Ledger Nano S keeps your private keys protected Your confidential data is stored inside a secure chip strongly isolated and locked by an 8-digit PIN code Supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies and all ERC20 tokens

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