All this for your car / motorcycle is sold by AliExpress at the best price

A vacuum cleaner, a starter, an FM radio ... there are multiple items to equip yourself to take care of your vehicles, all of them in this selection.

Your car or motorcycle is a vehicle in which you can spend a lot of time, so it is best that you equip it completely so that you never lack for anything. Portable vacuum cleaner, purifier, mobile charger ... In AliExpress you can find the best gadgets for your car or motorcycle at the best price, and we recommend them in this selection.

Car gadgets

Equip your car or motorcycle with all these gadgets on AliExpress.

Portable vacuum cleaner

Tomule portable vacuum cleaner

Remove dirt from your car with this portable vacuum cleaner.

This portable vacuum cleaner is an accessory that you cannot miss in your car to remove dirt at any time. It is completely wireless and has a power of 120W, with a suction force of 6,000 Pa. It comes with different nozzles for different uses, and its 2,000 mAh battery can hold up to 25 minute cleaning on a single charge.

Air purifier

Car air purifier

Renew the air in your car with this cheap air purifier.

Make the air in your car have the best quality with this small size air purifier, it barely weighs 132 grams. Removes bad odor, such as tobacco, and diffuses a long-lasting fragrance that will make the car a more pleasant stay. In addition, it has a silent mode to use it without disturbing passengers.

Charger and FM radio

Baseus FM radio charger

This device serves both as a charger for your mobile phone and as an FM radio.

An essential accessory for the car is the mobile charger, especially if you make long trips and do not have much time to connect it to a traditional charger. This Baseus charger has a 15W maximum power, and also serves as FM radio for car. In addition, you can listen to music from your mobile or a USB memory, since this device has Bluetooth.

Air pump

Air pump wheels

Inflate the wheels of your car or motorcycle with this little air pump.

This Xiaomi wheel inflator, which you can easily carry in the car or motorcycle due to its compact size, can detect wheel pressure and show you the data on its LED screen. Can inflate up to 5 car wheels on a single charge, and is resistant to temperature changes. Of course, it also serves to inflate the wheels of your bicycle and the balls.

Wireless charger

Xiaomi Wireless Charger for Car

Charge your mobile while traveling with this Xiaomi wireless charger.

Without cables, this is how comfortable charging your mobile phone can be in the car if you use this Xiaomi wireless charger. This accessory attaches to the ventilation openings of the car and has two lateral clamping arms with space for most smartphones. Its maximum power is 10W and it can charge any device that supports Qi wireless charging.

Mobile support

Baseus car mobile holder

Support your mobile while traveling in this Baseus car holder.

From Baseus it is also this support for the mobile that you can buy both in black and silver. In addition to having it in a safe place, placing the smartphone in this holder also helps you see well the directions of Google Maps, for example. Attaches to CD player in order not to block the air ducts, and can be rotated 360º. Thanks to the hole in the lower part, its use is compatible with the charging of the mobile.

Car humidifier

Baseus car humidifier

This Baseus car humidifier has an affordable price.

This Baseus car humidifier has two modes: one constant and one intermittent. Its tank, with a capacity of 300 ml, can last 10 hours in the first of the modes and up to 16 hours if you use the second. It is designed safely so that you can use it regularly without fear of overheating. What's more, when the water runs out, the humidifier turns off automatically.


Car starter

This portable car jump starter has a range of 12000mAh.

Don't wait for help from other people, with this portable starter you can bring your car battery back to life diesel or gasoline in one second. With a single charge of your 12,000 mAh battery, this device can be used about 50 times. In addition, just by pressing the button, the screen will show you its battery level to know if you have to recharge it before leaving home.

Wiper repairman

Car wiper repairman

You can repair the brushes of your car with this curious gadget from Baseus.

The last product that we recommend to equip your car is this Baseus wiper repair. Just passing the brush for 30 seconds through this repairman, it will be uniform, smooth and clean so you can keep cleaning the glass without getting stuck, scratching or sounding strange.

The products for your car or motorcycle recommended here are the most varied, from a portable vacuum cleaner to a windshield wiper repairman. All of them you can buy them on AliExpress at the best price, so don't wait any longer to always travel with the most complete equipment.

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