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We have already tested Android 12, and these are all the news that we have found in the new version.

The arrival of Android 12 Beta has been one of the main topics of the main event of Google I / O 2021. The beta version of the latest installment of the operating system can now be installed on mobile phones from 11 brands, and it arrives loaded with great news and changes.

We have already been able test android 12 on one of our devices, and now it's time to review all the news that we have found.

Android 12

Android 12 Beta introduces a large number of new features.

The first brushstrokes of Material You

Even if not all features of the new Material You theme system They are enabled in this first beta, we did find some of the details of this new revision of the user interface.

Among them, we find the new clock widget from the lock screen, some new quick settings, and a new style for notifications.

For now, the so-called "color extraction" of the wallpaper is not implemented, and in the case of Pixels, only the option to choose system accent color. It is worth remembering that the color extraction function will be exclusive to the Google Pixel, as well as some of the Android 12 news announced today.

We tested Android 12 Beta: all the changes and news

Long press the power button to invoke the Wizard

In Android 12 Beta, the option to perform a long press on the power button to invoke the Google Assistant.

It is worth mentioning that, in case of using this function –which is activated through the gestures menu–, it will not be possible quickly access the device control menu and Google Pay cards and passes.

Hold for Assistant on Android 12

Android 12 Beta 1 includes the “Hold for Assistant” option.

New animation "ripple"

To the tap on an element of the system with which it is possible to interact, we will see a new animation of ripple, more showy and showy.

Everything indicates that this is not the final animation which will be present in the final version of Android 12, because visually it is not entirely well achieved. However, the progress compared to the previous version is clear.

We tested Android 12 Beta: all the changes and news

Animation "elastic" when reaching the end of a list

The new “ripple” effect animation is not the only one that has arrived with the first beta of Android 12. It has also introduced a new elastic animation that will appear when reaching the start or end of a list when scrolling.

We tested Android 12 Beta: all the changes and news

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