AliExpress brings you a curious and effective way to take care of your feet on rainy days

This electric shoe dryer will kill moisture in minutes.

Rainy days are usually uncomfortable, because you have to avoid all the problems that water causes. One of the most affected is usually your shoes, which they get wet with the rain and when you put them unexpectedly in the puddles that are formed in the streets. Don't worry, because we bring you the ultimate solution to dry your feet on rainy days, a portable electric dryer which has a price of about 9 euros in AliExpress.

Goodbye to wet shoes when it rains

If your shoes get wet on a rainy day, use this electric dryer for sale on AliExpress.

The Zero One electric dryer can always go with you in your bag or backpack, as it has a compact size which makes it a portable accessory. Its operation is simple: you insert it in your shoes or your socks and they finish with its humidity in a matter of minutes, also in dead corners of the heel and in the toe area.

This device reaches a core temperature of 150 degrees, and a constant temperature of 55 degrees on the surface. Also, you can choose between three different closures (3/6/9) to cover different types of shoes. Without a doubt, a very useful gadget to take care of your feet on rainy days. You can buy the white or purple version for about 9 euros, a price that goes up up to 11 euros if you add a timer, all on AliExpress.

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