After more than 10 years, Instagram is testing uploading photos from the desktop browser

It seems that after more than a decade of the photography social network, on Instagram they are finally considering the miracle and allow us to upload and publish a photo from our computers.

Alessandro paluzzi, a well-known developer who usually filters this type of news, has discovered in the Instagram code that the platform is internally testing just this: the uploading photos and videos from desktop browser.

Promising, but only that

Alessandro published several screenshots of what this new web upload interface would be, with the possibility of creating posts with photos or videos by dragging the files to the page, with options for cropping, adding filters, text, alt text, and placement.

The option to upload stories and reels is nowhere to be seen. And, as Paluzzi makes clear, deals with internal tests, that is, only within Instagram. It is not something that is being tested with a small group of users, and while it very well could arrive soon, it also could never do so.

Instagram processes images and videos worse on Android: we put the application to the test

Instagram is famous for taking forever to add minimal functionality outside of mobile platforms, and even there, it is famous for always rendering all photos worse on Android, and for refusing to offer an app for iPad or tablets.

Instagram offers photo uploads in its mobile web version since 2017, something that can be used with a trick to upload photos from the PC. This is obviously far from being convenient and practical, and it is also lacking in features.

Via | MacRumors

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