a review of what we miss

Despite the fact that we are in the year 2021, that social networks are widely used platforms (according to the Digital 2021 report published last February, in Spain we spend an average of 2 hours connected to social networks per day) and that the companies that manage these platforms are giants of the technology sector, there are still many errors in the main social networks that tire users.

In Genbeta we have analyzed two of the most popular, Instagram and Twitter (and we are working on two others) and I have consulted the colleagues of Webedia to find out what social networks have or do not have that in the middle of the year 2021 it would be time to change. Twitter and Instagram, here are some feature reviews or very simple features that we miss as users.

A preview, we are not going to talk here about certain topics that are also very important such as privacy or the lack of control over the access of minors, to give some examples in the management of these companies of their social platforms. Also let's ignore that someone can have thousands of followers because it is easy to buy those "followers" and those "likes" while others do not want to use those techniques.

Let's focus on the simple, everyday, day-to-day errors that an adult user encounters when browsing by any of these networks to be informed, entertained, to communicate with others or because you want to create content as a beginner or for your friends.

What we want Twitter to offer and it still hasn't


  • Edit posts. There is broad consensus here as to the need to be able to edit tweets. You make a publication, you make a mistake, even if it is a small letter that has crept in or a tick that you have eaten and you cannot edit it. If you realize as soon as you post, you can delete it and redo it. Unless someone with many followers quickly shares that post not so well done and you run the risk of eliminating, redoing and losing that opportunity to reach more people thanks to the push of your follower with many more followers.

  • Tweets cannot be automatically saved. You are doing a thread, you press a false button and it takes you out of the publication and you lose the thread done. And there is no way to search the drafts to see if it was saved automatically.

  • Cannot send attachments. Twitter is a great way to connect with new people and with the same interests as you. But when it comes to communicating in private there are limitations. You can send a photo, video, or GIF, but you can't send an attachment.

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  • Recommendations that may be very different to your interests. The recommendations that Twitter offers on many occasions are really far from what you follow. Personally, that I don't read anything about football, that I found out the other day (from a piece of news that Twitter showed me) that Zidane was at Real Madrid and I knew it because he announced that he was leaving, I receive many suggestions related to this sport.

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What we would change about Instagram


  • Editing a Reel is not intuitive. The Reels were the launch of the giant Facebook to counterbalance the Tiktok that has gained so much fame in recent years. However, making a Reel on Instagram is not easy. You probably need a tutorial and in fact the internet is full of explanations about it. Also, if you don't know how to do it well, the letters you put in can be very different in the final result than what you see while editing it. A few days ago we could have said that they last very little, but they have increased this week to a maximum limit of one minute, which is something.

Instagram Reels: 21 tricks and functions to get the most out of this alternative to TikTok

  • You cannot send attachments in private messages. Like Twitter, Instagram is a good way to connect with people with similar interests, but you can't send attachments. You can send photos, videos and GIFS. But not a Word or PDF document. Also, you cannot reply to a Story with an image. If you want, you should enter the private conversation with that person.

  • You cannot download a Reel. You can share it in different messaging applications but if you want to download it, you can't. Of course, you can save it within the same Instagram.

  • Character limitation. Taking into account that Facebook, which is the social network with the most space to publish among the giants of the sector, does not have an audience among young people, it would not be bad if there was an alternative to youth -and not so young-. There is a lack of a place where you can also explain situations without having the great limitation of characters that you find now. And stop underestimating young people and their desire to delve into world affairs.

  • Word finder. One looks for something in a conversation on Telegram, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and can come at some point, looking for a word. On Instagram, although after sharing something from the social network you look for the word, you will not be able to reach it because there is no such simple search engine.

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