A Japanese brand of toasters announces that it will start manufacturing Android phones

From making roasters to selling smartphones.

Although 2020 was a difficult year for the mobile telephony market, 2021 seems to be on the rise and once the crisis is over, smartphones prove to be once the most desired products by many of us.

And since everyone wants a piece of this great cake well, hey, a Japanese brand comes that is dedicated to selling high-end toasters and decides that from now on, they will also make smartphones. Well, welcome.

This Japanese brand of toasters will also make smartphones from now on


Balmuda is a brand that sells toasters and will now also sell smartphones.

As we read in Nikkei Asia, the Balmuda company, manufacturer of not exactly cheap roasters, intends to enter the mobile telephony market.

Balmuda does not have a facility to manufacture these devices so it will partner with Kyocera to do so. The date? Starting this November.

For the CEO of the Japanese firm, today's smartphones no longer innovate and consumers are forced to always choose the same thing. They aim not only to create really stylish phones, but also their own applications. Balmuda expects to generate more than $ 24.5 million in smartphone sales in the first year alone. We will see if it is true.

As for the price, it must be said that the company does not sell exactly cheap products. Their toasters are known for their high prices of up to $ 300 so if they follow the same policy for their mobile terminals, what price will they have?

And beware, that despite the fact that in our country we do not know this firm, in Japan they are really known for what they are not exactly novices. Their profits for the first quarter of this year amount to 454 million yen (more than 4 million dollars) so commercially speaking, they know what they are doing.

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