A Discover-style page where you can see the news of the websites you decide to follow

Google has advanced news to its RSS system. In the coming weeks, some Android users for now only in United States, with Chrome Canary will be able to see an experimental tracking feature designed to help people get the latest content from the sites they follow.

It is intended that people can follow the websites that interest them, from large publishers to small blogs, by tapping a Follow (or + Follow) button in Chrome.

Until now, users can keep up to date with their favorite web pages through subscription to mailing lists, notifications and RSS. The goal now is to simplify the experience.

A preview of the tests


To do this, as seen in the screenshots shared by those responsible for Google, in the menu arrow where you can select to open a new tab, view your story or access the search engine or translator within that pageThe option to follow that page will also appear at the end.

Then there will be a page named following (at least in the tests that are being carried out) where these news will appear. "Keeping a site's RSS up-to-date will ensure Chrome can provide the latest content to the users ", they explain from the company.

Compared to Discover (which is still available in Chrome as "For You") and its theme-based approach, users in this case actively choose the sites they want to see.

For now, it is just an experiment. The company wants, on the one hand, to guide web publishers to be able to keep their page visible. At the same time, expect comments from editors, bloggers, creators and general users about their experience, for its future development. This can be done via @WebCreators on Twitter or by email at

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