a bargain only for LG employees

It's official: the LG Velvet Pro 2 will be sold to company employees and there will be no possibility of resale.

We mentioned it a few days ago, and it is that after LG's exit from the smartphone market it seems that the South Korean firm was considering selling the already produced units of your new and unborn mobiles exclusively and limited to its own employees, and also at the most attractive prices.

In fact, it is that there were two models, the roll-up prototype LG Rollable and a hypothetical LG Rainbow that was to be his flagship during this course 2021, both already in the final stages of development and even with stock available in their factories.

LG Velvet Pro 2

The elegant rear of the LG Velvet Pro 2, in some images leaked a few days ago.

They have not transcended the available units nor the price of the roll-up smartphone, but it does there is a figure around 3,000 LG Rainbow, or rather we can now officially talk about the LG Velvet Pro 2 after seeing an image of what will be your final sales package.

As you will see, we can confirm you since indeed the terminal exists, and that the package shows a legend, in perfect Korean, that says "This product is employee only, Resale / Transfer prohibited", Or what is the same, "Product is for employees only, resale / transfer prohibited".

LG Velvet Pro 2

The LG Velvet Pro 2 box, with its “is employee only” inscription.

Also, we know that the device has a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and a 6.8-inch OLED panel, which has a resolution FullHD + and a refresh rate of 120Hz to keep up with the best. We do not know all the details, but its battery would be 4,500 mAh according to the leaks.

The price at which LG had proposed the device has also transcended, which would be about 170 dollars, obviously exceeding all expectations and being forced to delay the sale perhaps to study options.

Surely at this price LG would have sold several million Velvet Pro 2 in the global market, and although it would lose money it seems that the South Korean manufacturer has discovered a way to attract attention and sell a good number of devices.

The worst part is surely perhaps that, that these phones, especially the LG Rollable, will become collector's units a few years from now, and we won't be able to get one ... Because they cannot be resold!

LG is selling its unreleased mobiles to its employees, and unleashes the madness for its prices

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