9 best USB fans to refresh your days (2021)

If heat isn't your thing, these USB fans will be the perfect accessory for you.

There may be times when, while using your computer, you need a breath of fresh air, and for this you do not need a large and heavy fan, but you can opt for a lightweight and small USB fan which will relieve you a lot if you are experiencing heat.

These USB fans are a great option for a small price, and they will be able to make the heat somewhat more bearable, since, being located on the desk, the air will give you close, improving your sensations and all for a very low price Compared to that of traditional fans.

USB fan

A USB fan is the perfect accessory if you don't get along in the heat.

Top of best USB fans

If you are one of those who do not get along with the heat, a USB fan is the perfect accessory for you, as you can use it to spend more refreshing days with the computer. These are the best models what can you buy, with main features which we will review below.

  • RATEL USB Table Fan
  • Fancii USB Fan
  • TedGem USB Fan
  • Runacc USB Fan
  • Qhui USB Fan
  • RenFox USB Fan
  • iVoler Mini USB Fan
  • OPOLAR USB table fan


A small, quiet fan that is large enough to offer a good experience. It has a 360º rotation and a 1.2m cable. What's more, It has protections so that you cannot catch your finger with the blades.

Fancii USB Fan

A fan that is not shaped like a fan, with a most interesting aesthetic, and that also has an adjustable support to put it in different positions. Beyond this, the terminal has two twin blades and silent technology, so it won't bother you if you are working.

TedGem USB Fan

This USB fan has an aesthetic that attracts us a lot, minimalist and that also It has a fairly contained size that makes it seem like one of the best options what is there right now. In addition, it also has 3 speeds.

Runacc USB Fan

This device is ideal to leave it in small spaces, since its compact size will fit perfectly. It is a silent fan, with 270º rotation and also has 3 different speeds. A good option for anyone. It has a battery that will give you an autonomy of up to 24 hours.


One of the best models in this selection is this FITFORT brand USB fan, with a large battery that can reach up to 50 hours of use on a single charge. In addition, it has automatic oscillation of 140º and 360 ° manual adjustment. You can use it when sleeping, as it works silent and a small tank in which you can put mosquito repellent so that the fan diffuses it into the environment.

Qhui USB Fan

From Qhui is this USB fan that you can attach to your computer, bike, car or head of the bed, in short, in multiple locations, as it is a device laptop. Its battery is 2,800 mAh and it has 3 different speed modes. Its head rotates freely, so you can focus its air to the place that suits you best.

RenFox USB Fan

Another good USB fan that you can buy is this RenFox, with 360º rotation that allows you to reach multiple locations. It produces a powerful breeze that does not translate into an annoying noise, as it is a silent fan. It is powered via USB, with a 1.2 meter long cable.

iVoler Mini USB Fan

If you want to cool off with an accessory that doesn't take up much space, a great option is this iVoler USB fan. Have a compact size that allows you to place it anywhere without disturbing it, in addition to a 360º rotation to guide you to the place you need.

OPOLAR USB table fan

Also on the list of best USB fans is the OPOLAR option, with a elegant design that will fit perfectly on your desktop. In addition to the 3 usual modes, this fan includes a Super Wind mode offering even more power to deal with the heat, all quietly.

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