9 best selfie sticks you can buy (2021)

Selfie sticks that aren't what they seem.

Although your mobile has an ultra-panoramic front camera, a selfie stick is always a good option to make sure everyone is in the photo, and it is a very useful accessory that hardly takes up space, so it is easy to transport, and can always be ready for use.

However, right now there are alternatives to conventional selfie sticks that allow us to enjoy the advantages of these, but also those of other devices, and the products that we are going to show you below, precisely, are much more than just a selfie stick.

Top of best selfie sticks you can buy

Selfie stick, monopod, tripod, remote control… The models we have selected have a lot to offer you. With them you can take group photos in which no one is left out, as well as photos from a distance.

  • ELEGIANT Tripod Selfie Stick
  • BlitzWolf Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote Control
  • Selfie stick and Yoozon photo holder
  • Selfie Stick with Light Ring Amailtom
  • SYOSIN Selfie Stick Tripod
  • Gritin Stick Selfie Tripod
  • ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod Bluetooth
  • ELEGIANT Selfie Stick Tripod
  • Yoozon Selfie Stick 3 in 1 Tripod

ELEGIANT Tripod Selfie Stick

In this case, we are looking at a selfie stick with 360º rotation, tripod and support for action cameras and for conventional cameras. The best option if you have one of these devices, since you will not need to buy any adapter.

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote Control

A quality, extendable selfie stick with a minimalist aesthetic that gives it an absolutely differential touch. Also has three folding legs that allow it to be used as a tripod. It also has a remote that can be removed from the selfie stick to take photos. More complete impossible.

Selfie stick and Yoozon photo holder

Yoozon has a very interesting alternative, and that attracts us a lot, since it is a support that It is attached to the side of the mobile to facilitate taking pictures, in addition to serving as a support to leave the mobile, and as a selfie stick.

Selfie Stick with Light Ring Amailtom

If you have problems with lighting when taking photos, this selfie stick will be able to help you, and a lot, since it has LED rings that will make photos brighter. In addition, it can also be used as a tripod and left in a fixed place.

SYOSIN Selfie Stick Tripod

This SYOSIN brand selfie stick also doubles as a tripod, so you can take both group photos up close and in the distance. Furthermore, it is compatible with a large number of devices, being able to use it with Samsung or Apple mobiles, to mention some brands, and also with cameras like GoPro.

Gritin Stick Selfie Tripod

Another good selfie stick that is much more than a stick is this model from Gritin, which doubles as a tripod and remote control to capture images in the distance. This Gritin stick stands out for its compact size and lightweight, which makes it easier for you to always carry it with you.

ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod Bluetooth

This selfie stick, which can also act as a tripod and remote control via Bluetooth, is made with aeronautical aluminum, so it offers a durable and long-lasting experience. Integrates a design of 270 ° swivel bracketIn addition to being compatible with devices with a width of 8.68 cm maximum.

ELEGIANT Selfie Stick Tripod

ELEGIANT also has this selfie stick model that you can also use as a tripod to take stable photos. This product highlights the LED lights that integrate to add lighting to dark scenes, as well as a 360º turn that allows you to take the best panoramic photos.

Yoozon Selfie Stick 3 in 1 Tripod

Selfie stick, tripod and monopod, these are the three functions of this model developed by Yoozon. In addition to having a detachable remote control, various position angles and a compact design, this selfie stick has a Long duration battery which gives you up to 25 hours of shooting time.

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