9 best cheap sports cameras to buy (2021)

Record your adventures in 4K without worry, these cameras are ready for anything.

A small sports camera it can be the best companion for the most adventurous. They arrive with protections that allow them to withstand all inclement weather while recording without interfering with your activities.

These are some of the best action cameras you can buy if you don't want to spend too much. Record in 4K each of your adventures, also underwater ones, you can submerge them up to 40 meters without any worry. We tell you all its characteristics.

Top of best cheap sports cameras

Light, resistant, with the best video resolution, with WiFi connectivity ... The best cheap sports cameras have the most outstanding specifications for save your adventures on video to the highest quality and to be able to revisit them in the future. This is our selection.

  • Apexcam action camera
  • Victure AC900
  • Crosstour 4K Camera Sport
  • COOAU sports camera
  • Vemont Action Camera
  • LeadEdge sports camera
  • COOAU Action Camera
  • AKASO V50 Elite-EU
  • APEMAN A80

Apexcam action camera

The Apexcam device It will allow you to record in 4K at 30 fps and in Full HD at 60 fps. Incorporates a 2 inch LCD screen and a sensor capable of capturing everything at an angle of 170 degrees. It arrives protected against all kinds of blows, and also you can submerge it up to 40 meters.

Victure AC900

Victure's camera features a 20 megapixel sensor capable of recording video at 4K resolution with a viewing angle that reaches 170 degrees. You can submerge it up to 30 meters deep for recording underwater, thanks to its fully waterproof casing. The Victure AC900 also incorporates a microphone to capture audio in the best possible way. It has WiFi connectivity.

Crosstour 4K Camera Sport

Again we meet the ability to record video in 4K, can not be missing in an action camera. You will also have the possibility of take 20 megapixel photos and span a 170 degree angle. The Crosstour camera is waterproof up to 40 meters and will be protected against bumps and scratches at all times.

COOAU sports camera

COOAU's sports camera is capable of record video in 4K resolution and at 30 frames per second. You can also take pictures with your 20 megapixel sensor. Couldn't miss the water resistance, it will withstand a maximum depth of 40 meters.

Vemont Action Camera

For little money you can enjoy a good sports camera, like this Vemont Action Camera. Offers 1080p HD recording with 140º viewing angle, and comes with multiple accessories that will help you record while you swim, do surfboard or you go on your bike. When you put the waterproof case on, you can submerge it up to 30 meters deep without fear of spoiling.

LeadEdge sports camera

If you are looking for good value for money, we suggest this sports camera from LeadEdge, with 20 MP photo camera Y video recording in 4K resolution. You can submerge it 40 meters deep, and it has an anti-vibration EIS system to record clearly even if it moves when you go cycling or running. In addition, it integrates WiFi, dual microphone and remote control.

COOAU Action Camera

This COOAU sports camera is missing nothing. Has resolution to 4K and 20 MP, EIS anti-shake system so that your videos look good despite the movement, touch screen, WiFi connectivity ... Anyway, very advanced features to record your expeditions, including those in the water, as it has waterproofing up to 40 meters.

AKASO V50 Elite-EU

One of the best sports cameras on the market is this AKASO V50 Elite-EU, with 20 MP photographs and several recording options: 4K / 60fps, 4K / 30fps, 2.7K / 60fps, 2.7K / 30fps, 1080P / 120fps, 720P / 240fps. You can control its operation through voice, and it has electronic image stabilization. Waterproof to 40 meters, adjustable viewing angle, WiFi and remote control are other features.


Finally, to record your excursions you can use this APEMAN A80 camera, with 4K video recording, 20 MP photographs and 170º viewing angle. It has water resistance up to 40 meters deep, gyroscopic stabilization and multiple recording modes. Also comes accompanied by more than 20 accessories to adapt it to different sports and activities.

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