8 best video editors for TikTok

Do you want to create videos like a pro? We bring you the best video editors for TikTok that will help you make your content viral. Go for it!

TikTok is a social network developed by the Chinese company ByteDance and launched on the market in 2016. It has been designed to share videos random and of different themes. Its popularity has grown so much that to date it has more than 600 million users monthly assets in the world.

The secret of this Chinese app is that if your content is really relevant, extravagant or that simply breaks stereotypes, it can go viral among the community and reach large audiences, becoming an excellent tool with attractive formats for your brand.

8 best video editors for TikTok

8 best video editors for TikTok

Now, if you are looking for professional Android editors that can help you optimize your content for TikTok, pay attention. In this opportunity, you will know the 8 best video editors for TikTok ideal for capturing your target audience.

Edit your videos like a pro with the best video editing apps

Best video editors for TikTok

  • InShot
  • Doorbell
  • CapCut
  • Funimate
  • Vizmato
  • VideoShop
  • Magisto
  • VivaVideo

This is our compilation of best video editors for TikTok, each of the apps comes with a simple and intuitive interface that you can make the most of.



InShot has turned out to be one of the video editors most wanted in recent times. And it is not for less, it is a Android application totally free that helps you create beautiful videos and include basic elements to obtain professional results.

Among its most outstanding features we have some transitions, audio extraction and blank frame. In addition, it includes functions to crop, filters, special effects, add texts, stickers, frames, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, background blur and more.

The application has a Premium version, which offers greater advantage to users, especially for remove the watermark and share the videos on your favorite social networks with greater freedom.



Ringtone: cut, join, convert mp3, mp4

Doorbell is a pocket tool available for Android that takes care of edit audio and video files. Its functions and characteristics are very varied and ideal for creating TikTok videos.

Its interface is really easy to use and has useful features to perform various jobs, including an audio and video cutter, audio joiner, video joiner, audio converter, video converter, video to audio, video to GIF.

Being a complete tool, it is not only used to edit videos for TikTok or other platforms, but you can also split or cut an audio / video, compress mp3 or m4a files, change speed or convert a video to audio format.


CapCut to create amazing videos for TikTok

CapCut to create amazing videos for TikTok

CapCut is an application Easy to use created by the Chinese company Bytedance, the same TikTok developer. Since its launch it has managed to capture the attention of more than 100 million users. And what makes it so special?

This application is one of the best and most complete video editors for TikTok that exist so far, considering the fact that it is adapted to the formats of the Chinese app, since you can create vertical videos excellent 4K HDR quality and short-lived.

In addition, it has a great variety of magic effects, stikers, advanced filters by categories and you can even add stickers, texts and 2D / 3D templates to give that professional and fun touch to your videos.

As if that were not enough, it includes a library with a wide musical repertoire, dubbing function and basic parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, temperature, sharpness. The most outstanding, does not include watermark and it's free.



More fun videos with Funimate

Funimate is an application available on Google Play with more than 10 million downloads and that works well if what you want is create and edit videos from your mobile. It includes amazing visual and real-time effects, tweaks, fun animations, stylish transitions, texts, and more.

In addition, it allows you edit like a pro, increase your followers thanks to the multilayer edition and you can join challenges exciting that will test your creativity.



If you are looking for a full editor and also powerful for create quality content, then Vizmato it is a good choice for you. It incorporates the basic parameters and characteristics necessary to achieve first-class results, among them we can mention: text, filters, themes, visual effects and background music ideal for multimedia content (film, videos, slides, presentations).

In addition, it also includes a library with more than 20 visual filters, video themes and effects, free viztunes, GIF maker with text, audio FX ..., to create never-before-seen scenarios.



VideoShop, a very complete and effective video editor

VideoShop is another good alternative to create videos for TikTok. The functions are similar to the other editors and the quality of the results is excellent. With this free application for Android you will be able to create, edit, cut, add visual effects, make combinations and even incorporate animated titles.

And not only that, but you can also add music, resize, reverse, record your own voiceover, adjust the speed of the videos and share on your preferred social networks.



Magisto, the best video editor for TikTok and music slideshow maker

If you are looking for an application that offers you everything you need to edit quality videos and upload to your social networks like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, then Magisto is for you. This application turns your photos and clips into eye-catching videos for your community of followers.

It also includes basic tools and functions that allow cuts, cuts, combinations and change orientation. And if you want to add some fun to your creations, feel free to add colored stickers, special effects, amazing filters, graphics and music. Although the app is totally free, it offers a premium version with extra functions and no watermark.



VivaVideo it's a free video editor available for Android with basic and advanced functions so you can create original and quality content for YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. Among its long list of features and functions you can cut videos, trim, edit, add text, effects and music.

Best of all, with this pocket tool, you can create short videos, videos with photos, in a matter of minutes. presentations with transitions, add movie-style video filters, and even export the videos or movies in 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K.

As you will see, these are the best editors for TikToK that include a wide variety of functions ideal for create valuable content. Although if you ask us, the most popular and preferred so far is CapCut. Similarly, the invitation is for you to download and install each of them and keep the one that best suits your requirements.

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