7 privacy settings that you have to activate according to the experts

With these settings and tips, you will make using WhatsApp more secure and private

It is the most important and popular instant messaging application –with permission from Telegram and iMessage– and despite all this, it is not the most private and secure app.

WhatsApp has many problems but surely the worst is that it is owned by Facebook. Although from the social network they ensure that our data is not used for purposes outside the app but honestly ... Who believes Facebook at this point?

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Luckily, WhatsApp has various tools and settings with which we can protect our account and our privacy settings, and even if they are not one hundred percent effective, can help us make our WhatsApp experience a little more secure. We leave you some of the best according to WABetainfo.

Configure account privacy settings

WhatsApp passwords and encrypted backups

With these tips, your WhatsApp account will be somewhat more secure.

We refer to the options of Last connection, profile photo and information. By default, WhatsApp allows anyone who has our phone number to see these parameters, something that honestly does not make any sense.

The best? Enter the settings and change it. Yes OK the most advisable thing is to choose the option "My contacts"There is also nothing wrong with setting it to "Nobody" if what you want is that nobody (obviously) can access this data.

Configure who can add you to groups

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This is surely one of the most important privacy options of WhatsApp and it is inside Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Groups.

This option allows us to configure who can add us to the groups, thus preventing strangers from adding us to unwanted chats. Here we can choose between "My contacts" or · My contacts, except ... "in case we don't like someone.

Enable authentication to unblock WhatsApp

Pixel 4a camera and fingerprint reader

Thanks to the fingerprint reader we can make WhatsApp a more secure tool

We are sure that most of your WhatsApp messages may contain private information that will surely you don't want anyone to be able to read it.

Luckily WhatsApp allows you to lock the app within your own settingsThe only way to access the app is through the fingerprint sensor or, in the case of an iPhone, Face ID.

Always keep the WhatsApp app updated

It may seem like a joke advice but always having WhatsApp updated is essential. Although the app developers do not update the app very frequently, the truth is that when they do, it is always to fix bugs as well as security holes and fixes.

From there the importance of always having WhatsApp updated to the latest version.

Block the most annoying users

whatsapp video call

WhatsApp has many settings that it will be better to configure before you start using it

One of the problems of WhatsApp that does not happen with alternatives such as Telegram, is that allows you to start a conversation with a person only by having their phone number. For this reason, if some user of the app bothers you and harasses you, the best and simplest thing is to use the blocking function.

Blocking a contact is quick and easy. You just have to enter the chat, click on the menu button in the upper right corner. Then head to More> Block> Block and the contact will be blocked

Report contacts and groups

Related to the above, it is possible that blocking a contact is not enough but more drastic measures must be taken.

If you are one of those who receive strange messages from unknown contacts, report it from the Contact Information section. If, on the other hand, you have been added to a group of unknown contacts without any authorization, this group can be reported from the group's own information.

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