7 best Netflix and HBO family series for all audiences

Start watching any of these series with your family so that everyone can relax and have a good time together.

One of the most important things about streaming platforms is that they allow you to spend quality time with your family and friends. However, not all content has what is necessary to entertain you in a big way when you are meeting with the people you love. For this same reason, today we will tell you what they are the 7 best family series on Netflix and HBO for all audiences.

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If you were looking for some series to relax your mind with your family, then you have reached the indicated site. You can be sure that any title on this list will have what you need to keep you and your loved ones entertained for a good amount of time.

best family series

The best Netflix and HBO family series

The 7 best family movies on Netflix and HBO

You are about to see a list of 7 Netflix family series for all audiences that you can start watching right now with the whole family. Did you want something completely different? Then better take a look at this compilation of the best narco, gangster and drug series to watch on Netflix. Be that as it may, choose one of the series below these lines so that you can start having fun as a family as soon as possible.

  • Friends
  • Community
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Cobra Kai
  • Stranger things
  • Monica chef




Besides being one of the best Netflix comedy series, Friends is one of the best series that you can see with your family. This legendary production tells the funny stories of a group of six young people who live in Manhattan.

Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Monica are the stars of this super recognized series that will make you laugh out loud, both you and your family, from the first episode. Were you looking for a long and fun series to see with the people you love? Then Friends will be perfect for you.

  • Year: 1994
  • Seasons: 10
  • Chapters: 236
  • Average duration: 25 minutes



For its disparate and surreal cast of characters, Community is one of the best series you can watch on Netflix to relax with your family. This follows the day-to-day life of a community college study group and their strange adventures.

Community features countless references to popular culture, as well as film and television parodies. If what you wanted was a series to laugh out loud with the whole family, Community is the perfect alternative for you.

  • Year 2009
  • Seasons: 6
  • Episodes: 110
  • Approximate duration: 20 minutes

How I Met Your Mother


Although How I Met Your Mother is a series that began broadcasting at the beginning of the century, it is currently still one of the best alternatives for the whole family. Thanks to the crazy group of friends who star in the series and its interesting plot, you can be sure that you will stay in

It is impossible to doubt the humorous quality of How I Met Your Mother, a series that began broadcasting at the beginning of the century and continues to win the hearts of viewers today. Due to the group of friends in this series and its interesting plot, we are talking about a comedy that will hook you from the first episode.

Do you like Friends? Then you can be sure that How I Met Your Mother will captivate you in a similar way. Is about a simple, straightforward series that goes straight to your heart.

  • Year 2005
  • Seasons: 9
  • Chapters: 208
  • Average duration: 20 minutes

Cobra Kai


If you consider that Karate Kid is an ideal movie to watch with the family, then Cobra Kai is the perfect series to enjoy with them. Due to its interesting history, Cobra Kai is a series that has been able to make young and old fall in love with the same intensity.

Many years after their life-changing tournament, the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Laruso is reborn in a way you never imagined. In addition to supplying you with a good dose of nostalgia, we are talking about a Netflix family series whose beautiful message will touch your heart. Cobra Kai never dies!

  • Year: 2018.
  • Seasons: 3.
  • Episodes available: 30.
  • Approximate duration: 45 minutes.

Stranger things


In addition to being a clear tribute to the supernatural mysteries of the eighties, Stranger Things is one of the most entertaining Netflix family series of recent years. If you haven't seen it by now, you have no idea what you're missing.

Stranger Things created by two brothers who focuses on the 1983 disappearance of a boy in an isolated Indiana town, USA. From there, we will only tell you that there is a strange government organization and that many "curious" and supernatural things begin to happen.

  • Year: 2016
  • Seasons: 3
  • Episodes available: 25
  • Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Monica Chef


Monica Chef is a series starring a teenage girl whose dream is to become a professional chef. She helps her father in the family restaurant, but gets a scholarship to a prestigious cooking academy in the city and that's when the good stuff starts.

This series made in Spain is full of good recipes, an interesting story, laughter and love. Without a doubt, it is one of the best family series you can see on HBO.

  • Year: 2017
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes available: 40
  • Approximate duration: 22 minutes



Supergirl is a DC Comics series starring Kara, a woman who was born on the planet Krypton and escaped to reach Earth as she was lost in the Phantom Zone. Like her cousin Superman, Kara tries to hide her superpowers to try and fit in. Yet life forces her to become a hero and use your powerful superhuman abilities.

  • Year: 2015
  • Seasons: 6
  • Episodes available: 82
  • Approximate duration: 43 minutes
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