6 best smart plugs and power strips for teleworking (2021)

Add a touch of comfort to teleworking with these accessories, which you can turn on and off from your mobile.

Smart plugs and power strips with very interesting accessories for teleworking, as they allow you to connect and disconnect devices such as lamps, fans, chargers and other electrical appliances from your mobile, without having to get up from your chair. Therefore, if you want to cheer up and give your home a touch more intelligence, we recommend the best smart plugs and power strips in terms of value for money.

Among other functions, with these accessories you can also schedule on and off connected devices, and control their operation with your voice, as they are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. But let's not anticipate events, let's get to know the main characteristics of each model in our selection.

Smart plugs and power strips

These smart plugs and power strips will come in handy for teleworking.

Plug Tapo P100 (4 pack)

This pack contains 4 units of Tapo P100 plugs with which you can remotely turn off any device that is connected. This is possible thanks to the TP-Link Tapo app, which you have to download to your mobile to control the plugs you have at home from there. From the application itself you can also schedule an automatic on and off.

These plugs stand out for their compact size and, in addition, they are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can pair them with any device with these assistants to control them with voice commands. By the way, they also have Away mode, so that connected appliances, especially lights and lamps, turn on automatically so that it appears that someone is home while you are away.

TECKIN plug (4 pack)

Another good choice of smart plug for teleworking is this one from TECKIN, which also comes in a pack of 4 units. In this case, they work with the Smart Life app, from which you can turn it on and off directly from a distance. Of course, you can also program the automatic on and off. This is an interesting function, for example, to turn off the light in the room at bedtime.

This TECKIN plug does not lack compatibility with Alexa and Google HomeSo you don't even need your mobile to control them, just your voice.

Amazon plug

Amazon has also created its own smart plug, called the Amazon Smart Plug. Its use is very simple: you just have to connect it, open the Alexa application and start using it with your mobile. Suffice to say, thanks to its compatibility with Alexa, you can control it with your voice without opening the app.

TP-Link HS100 plug

Another advanced smart plug made by TP-Link is the HS100 model, with which you can control devices from anywhere. Like the previous plugs, with this you can turn off and on the devices connected to your mobile by installing the TP-Link app. Also schedule a on and off schedule, so you don't have to worry about doing it manually.

As an outstanding detail, the TP-Link HS100 plug has a special mode for when you are away from home. What is it for? So that the connected lights turn on every so often automatically and give the feeling that someone is home, it is especially useful when you are on vacation. We forgot, this model is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home.


For your work-from-home team you can also purchase this intelligent TAOCOCO strip, with 4 sockets and 3 USB ports. What does this mean? That you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously. To control them remotely, you just have to download the Smart Life app on your mobile and connect the power strip to your home WiFi (it must be a 2.4 GHz connection).

Afterwards, you can schedule on and off times, which will allow you to save on electricity bills. You can also manage its use with your voice, as this strip is compatible with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It is important to know that the 4 sockets can be controlled individually, the USB ports do not.

Gosund strip

Another good smart power strip for teleworking is this one made by Gosund, made up of 3 plugs and 3 USB ports. It should be mentioned that the devices connected to the sockets can be turned off and on with the mobile individually, while the USB devices are always kept on.

With the Gosund application you can create specific schedules for each connected device, in addition to monitoring the energy consumed by each one of them. In addition to having protection against overloads and surges, this smart power strip from Gosund also integrates voice control.

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