4 things you have to keep in mind when buying a wireless charger

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One of the technologies that we like the most about current mobile devices is that of wireless charging. The truth is that being able to charge our mobile device without connecting any cable is really comfortable and the future is what it is: achieve complete independence from cables.

However, as with any other technological product, not all wireless chargers are the same. We must be careful when buying one and it may seem that we have acquired a bargain, but at the moment of truth we will realize that said charger is slower than the bad man's horse.

Wireless charging, in depth: what it is, how it works, and compatible phones

Therefore, if any of you are thinking of buying a wireless charger in the next few days, better take a look at these tips before taking out the credit card.

Is your smartphone compatible with wireless charging?

Wireless charger

A wireless charger with minimalist design

Obviously and before buying any charger, it is necessary to know if our smartphone is compatible with this technology.

Virtually all current smartphones have wireless charging, especially the mid / high range. However, if we buy an entry or low range, you may not have this option.

For all this, it is best to obtain information on specialized websites or in the manufacturer's own official site.

Wireless charger with Micro-USB? Nor given away

This must be applied not only to wireless chargers, if not also to any other product. It's time to stop buying Micro-USB devices.

They denote a lack of interest on the part of manufacturers, it is less fast than USB C cable and it is time to have a standard type of cable for every product.

Choose Power Delivery chargers

While there are quite a few wireless chargers that still use QuickCharge, we recommend Power Delivery. Why? Because it offers more advantages.

Power Delivery offers faster upload speeds than the competition. While a wireless charger can deliver top speeds of up to 36W, with Power Delivery we can go up to 100W.

Furthermore, QuickCharge is older so if you don't want to have an outdated charger in a short time, the choice is more than clear.

What kind of wireless charger do you need?

OnePlus 8 Pro in wireless charger

There are different types of wireless chargers

In the market we can find wireless chargers of all types and sizes, depending on the devices we want to load on them.

So you can, there are wireless chargers that are mere supports, others that are shaped like mats and others shaped like a charging dock. There are even allow to charge up to several devices at the same time, such as the mobile phone with wireless headphones or a smart watch.

If despite all this you still have doubts about which wireless charger to buy, we recommend some of the 9 best you can buy today.

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