16 new features of Google I / O 2021 that will make your life easier

The practical summary of the Google I / O that you should not miss, from the hand of Google itself.

With a historical slogan as striking as "Don't be evil", the truth is Google has managed to enter and be an important part in practically all aspects of our lives, now stating from Mountain View that its mission as a company is to help us lead a simpler life and that allows us to make better use of our time.

This is at least what the search giant declared in a Google I / O 2021 more complete than ever, held on-line then a very turbulent last year and a half, in which important events continue to be canceled in the mobile industry such as IFA 2021 in Berlin, and this despite the insistence of the GSMA and its Mobile Word Congress 2021 that will open doors for the first time in its history to visitors, with tickets starting at 21 euros.

Smart Home at Google IO 2021

Google took advantage of I / O 2021 to announce all the great news in its ecosystem.

Many have been the novelties presented by Sundar Pichai and his family from California, both in Android and Wear OS, Google Home and the endless services that populate probably the most widely used digital ecosystem on the planet in these times.

In any case, for those of you who were busier last week and could not have followed with us on Andro4all all the information about the most important event of the year for Google, the American company itself has wanted to offer you a functional summary on its blog The Keyword with the 16 novelties that will come to make your life easier in the coming weeks and months to your services and applications ... Shall we review them together?

What was presented at Google I / O 2021: all the news from day 1

These are the 16 most important improvements of Google I / O 2021, according to Google

1. The biggest redesign in Android 12 since 2014: new experience, easier access to notifications and Assistant always present on the power button.

2. Privacy by flag, with easier administration of these settings.

3. Change channels with your phone, and control Android TV directly from your mobile.

4. Unlock and start your car with your Android, first only in BMW.

5. More information about the search results, with the fake news on the trigger and the reliability of the sources at first glance.

6. More security with compromised passwords: Chrome and the Google Assistant will allow you to change it with a single click.

7. More accessible and functional translations in Google Lens, even for both school and professional assignments and assignments.

8. Lens can also search for information related to what you see on your mobile screen.

9. Chrome will manage your shopping carts in different places, so that you do not lose anything or get confused when buying ...

10.… and also, you can compare prices to buy the best and cheapest.

11. More detailed views on Google Maps, and live augmented reality at street level to see information on shops, restaurants and establishments around us.

12. Maps will be able to avoid crowds showing us the occupation of complete areas or specific places.

13. More relevant information according to the hours of the day, with places for breakfast in the morning and restaurants for dinner at night, for example.

14. Smarter photo gallery, which will bring us back unexpected memories.

15. Cinematic Moments will automatically stitch snapshot photos to bring it to life.

16. Google Workspace is here to revolutionize the way we work, with interactive blocks, collaborative files and easier meetings on Meet.

Without a doubt, we have seen more things in the multiple conferences and workshops of Google I / O 2021, but we agree with Google is that precisely these are the most interesting news for our daily life, with Assistant more present and a lot of artificial intelligence to make things easier for us.

Special mention should be made of the news from Maps, especially related to machine learning adapted to times and places, always offering the distance to our hotel on the trip, and giving us at all times information about places to see and places to eat or dine with details even of the amount of people that are in each site.

All very interesting, really, but at the same time disturbing because It reveals to us the amount of data that Google handles about our stock… And also about where we go and what we visit!

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