11 best apps to send large files with your mobile (2021)

Send large files from your mobile with the best file transfer apps you can use.

It is increasingly common to have large files, tens of megabytes, on your Android phone. It is possible that, on some occasions, having to send such files creates a problem for you, since not all messaging networks allow to share pieces with so much weight.

Although it seems complicated, Sending large files on an Android mobile is easy if you know the proper methods. Does Google Drive or Dropbox sound familiar to you? The best cloud storage apps are not only for saving, but also for sharing. In addition, there are other apps to send files more unknown, but very useful for those who need them, as you will see below.

Send and receive files from your mobile.

Sending and receiving large files from your mobile is easier than you think.

Top apps to share large (or small) files from your mobile

  • WeTransfer
  • Telegram
  • Drive
  • Wormhole
  • Dropbox
  • Smash
  • TransferNow
  • Box
  • Google Files
  • Nearby Share
  • OneDrive

There are many apps to send files. Depending on the chosen tool, we will have some maximum size limits for each file, or a maximum time that the files will remain available. For that reason, we are going to review the characteristics of each of the chosen apps so that you can choose the best option.



WeTransfer is one of the most popular apps for sending files.

WeTransfer is the most popular large file sending application out there. In its free version, the app offers the possibility of send files up to 2GB with anyone.

To do this, you just have to access the WeTransfer page, choose the files you want to send, the name and email address of the person to whom the file is going to be sent, and a message.

It also has a paid version, which increases the file limit up to 20 GB.


Ten things you can do with Telegram

Telegram is one of the safest messaging apps.

If you already use Telegram as an instant messaging app, you have at your fingertips one of the most powerful tools when it comes to send large files to other people.

Like WeTransfer, Telegram allows you to send files up to 2 GB, and the process is extremely simple: simply drag a file to a chat, and if it does not exceed the limit, you can send it easily and in the fastest way.


Google Drive for Android receives one of its biggest redesigns to date

Google Drive can also be used to send files.

Google's cloud storage platform is another widely used tool for send large files to other people. In this case, there is no size limit beyond the existing limit in the Google account - 15 GB in free accounts, although it is possible to get more with a Google One subscription.

In order to send a file using Google Drive, you just have to upload it to our unit in the cloud and, later, get the link to share it with other people. Those people may access the folder containing the file To download it.



Wormhole, a web application to send files up to 10 GB totally free.

Despite not being as well known as WeTransfer, Wormhole is an excellent option when it comes to send files quickly and safely. It has end-to-end encryption, which keeps files safe throughout the transfer. Also, since the links expire automatically, we make sure that the files are not available for longer than necessary.

His limit is 10 GB, and it can be used completely free of charge through any device.


Dropbox to send files

DropBox can be used to send files to other people.

Besides being a fantastic platform for store files in the cloud, Dropbox also includes the option of send files to other people safely, establishing an expiration date, access password and even delivery confirmation.

Unfortunately, free Dropbox accounts they only have 2 GB of storage, so that the files you send will have to be less than that weight, or pay for a subscription.



Smash, one of the apps to send files without limit and for free.

Easy to use, free and with no size limit. Smash may be the ultimate file submission tool.

The application is completely free and is available on the main platforms, and has a simple interface so that using it is a totally intuitive experience. In its free version it does not have size limit, although it prioritizes files up to 2 GB when making transfers. In addition, the links are available for a 14 days maximum.



TransferNow, one of the most popular alternatives to WeTransfer.

TransferNow is one of the most popular WeTransfer alternatives out there. It offers up to 5 GB per transfer as a guest user - free - and 50 GB for members with a paid subscription. Like other tools, it works dragging any file onto the page, and generating a link that can be shared with other people.


Box, an app to store files in the cloud

Box, an app for storing files in the cloud that also allows you to send documents.

Box is an app similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, which yes, only offers payment methods to be able to store files in the cloud. If you already use this app and have a subscription, you can use Box to send files to other people easily.

Google Files

Google files

Google files helps you save space on your mobile, but it also allows you to send files.

If you want send a file to another person with an Android mobile, you can use google file explorer, Files, to send large files. And best of all, you can do it without the need for an Internet connection, at a speed of up to 480 Mbps.

To do this, the application uses Wi-Fi Direct in order to connect with other devices, which will have to have the app installed to be able to receive devices.

Nearby Share

Nearby Share

Nearby Share allows you to transfer files between devices without an Internet connection.

Probably the best tool to send files between Android devices. Nearby Share is a feature built into the operating system, which works in a similar way to AirDrop on Apple devices.

It allows send files to other Android and ChromeOS devices without the need for an internet connection and at full speed.


OneDrive on Android and Windows

OneDrive offers 5GB of storage on its free plan.

We couldn't forget about OneDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage platform. In its free plan, it offers 5 GB of storage that can be used to upload files and share them with other people through their link.

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