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You will only find these office accessories on AliExpress

From a table clock to a computer lamp, there are devices that can help you if you work from home.

Have a level office It does not just mean that the place has good natural light or a large space, it requires having a series of accessories that allow you to work more easily. To achieve this we bring you a compilation of great office accessories that you can only find on AliExpress.

From a table clock to a lamp desktop, going through a good router with which to enjoy the best Internet connection, these are the accessories that we recommend below to equip your office.

Office accessories

Equip your entire office with all these accessories from AliExpress.

Xiaomi power strip

Connect several devices at the same time with this Xiaomi power strip.

In an office you cannot miss a good power strip in which to connect several devices at the same time, like this one from Xiaomi. It is a fast charge compatible model, with 6 standard plugs and 3 USB extension plugs. Its cable has an extension of 1.8 meters, so you can use it in any corner of the office, even if you have it connected to a distant socket.

Mijia blue light glasses

In your office you can not miss these glasses for blue light with which to protect your sight.

We are surrounded by technological devices, from the smartphone to the computer. With the constant use of screens it is convenient to protect your eyes with these blue light glasses made by Mijia, the Xiaomi company. When using them, you will reduce eye fatigue that you feel in sight when you use your mobile phone, computer and tablet throughout the day.

Wanbo T2 Max presentation projector

Project big with this Wanbo device.

The perfect companion for your presentations in the office is this Wanbo T2 Max project that emits 1080p resolution image. If you connect it to the same WiFi network, you can present directly from your mobile or computer. Its dimensions are small, so you can transport it easily when you need it to watch movies at home, for example.

Mijia Desk Lamp

This Mijia desk lamp is foldable.

Another accessory that you cannot miss is a good desk lamp, like this original from Mijia that you can easily connect to your computer or television screen. Arrives with a remote control to regulate color temperature and brightness. In addition, it has a USB Type-C port with which you can charge other devices.

Xiaomi flash memory

Keep your files safely in this Xiaomi flash memory.

Keep all your personal and professional files safe in this 64GB USB memory stick. Use USB 3.0 technology to have a fast read and write speed, and features a metal design that makes it a sturdy accessory. In order to always carry it with you, along with the keys for example, it has a wide blue cord.

Xiaomi calculator

The calculator can not be missing in your office, like this one from Xiaomi.

At the office table, even if you have the office at home, you cannot miss an accessory such as the calculator. Although this tool is already present on mobile phones and computers, nothing like having a good physical calculator by your side. We propose you this LEMO calculator, with LCD display, 12 digits, intelligence to turn itself off after 12 minutes and a battery with a duration of more than 4,000 hours.

Xiaomi notebook

Jot down all your notes in a good leather notebook.

Not just any notebook is used to take notes when working, it must have a certain resistance and number of pages. One of the best inexpensive models is this office notebook covered in leather, with 144 pages. It is available in dark gray and light gray, and stands out for its simplicity that facilitates comfortable use.

Mijia AX1800 router

The best Internet connection in the office with this Mijia AX1800 router.

Enjoying the best Internet connection is easier with this Mijia AX1800 router compatible with WiFi 6. It has dual band 2.4 GHz, capable of reaching 574Mbps, and 5GHz, with which it reaches speeds of up to 1201Mbps. Also has dual high gain antenna, natural cooling system and system reset button.

Xiaomi Mijia table clock

In your office you can not miss a good table clock that takes up little space.

An office accessory that is also important is a table clock like this one from Mijia, which also informs you about temperature and humidity From the living room. It integrates a support to support it on the table and an adhesive to hang it on the wall.

Fire alarm

Stay safe with this easily installable fire alarm.

Finally, we recommend installing a fire alarm to always be safe in the office. This Honeywell model has a high sensitivity to recognize smoke, working wirelessly. In addition, you can connect your smartphone to send you an alert when you are out of the office.

All these accessories will help you have a complete office where you can work comfortably. You can only buy them on AliExpress, so don't wait any longer and get them at the best price.

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