you can read what they tell you in the videos

TikTok has just announced the arrival of automatic captions on the platform. This is an important step both to improve the inclusion in the application, as well as to allow everyone to know what the video is about in the moments that we cannot activate the sound.

We are going to tell you how these automatic subtitles work, although we already anticipated that the content creators (anyone who uploads video to TikTok) will only have to allow TikTok process your audio to generate the texts automatically.

Automatic captions on TikTok

Tiktok Capture

TikTok has officially announced its new automatic captions. They are generated automatically, so that anyone can read the content that is being said in the video without having the sound active. Automatic subtitles can be selected on the edit page, once we have uploaded the video to the editor (where it will be processed).

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With this function, both those with accessibility problems and those who simply cannot activate the audio at that moment, they will be able to know what the video is about. This function will initially be available in English and Japanese, but TikTok assures that "in the coming months" they will expand the number of languages.

When generated automatically, they will not be perfect, but as the network is nurtured with more and more audios, its behavior will be even better. This function is already active, so If you watch videos in American English and the content creator activates them, you will be able to see the subtitles in the app.

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