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Xiaomi launches a new dehumidifier with OLED screen

That panel, in addition to the ultraviolet light system, are some of its most outstanding novelties.

Big time, thus Xiaomi ended the month of March with the realization of a mega-event in which presented dozens of devices of different categories. We were able to meet the new Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra, the long-awaited Mi MIX Fold, two renewed laptops and even the involvement of the Chinese manufacturer in the development of electric cars.

Among so many presentations, the launch of the new Xiaomi humidifier did not go unnoticed by us, with a novelty as important as the integration of an OLED display. His name is Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro, and comes to improve the quality-price ratio of the previous model. Seeing its characteristics, we can already tell you that it achieves it, an already common achievement in the firm.

OLED screen of the Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro

Xiaomi's new Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro has an OLED screen.

OLED screen as the main novelty of the Xiaomi humidifier

The Xiaomi family of humidifiers grows with the Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro, an advanced model that comes with very interesting news compared to the previous version. First of all, as we see in the previous image, it integrates an OLED screen on top that shows the room temperature in which it is located.

Not only does the panel serve for this, it also shows the amount of water in the tank and the degrees of the same, very useful data for the user. In addition, it also lets him know the current operating status of the device.

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If we compare it with the previous Xiaomi Mijia Smart Humidifier, we see that this new model also improves when going from a deposit of 4 to 5 liter capacityThus, you can humidify the environment you are in for a longer time.

Another novelty is that the Pro model has a humidification rate of 600 ml / h, whereas the previous version had a speed of 300 ml / h. Specifically, this new Xiaomi product can increase the humidity of a room in just 10 minutes, simulating the natural evaporation of water.

Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro-

Xiaomi's Pure Smart Pro humidifier has a 5-liter tank, it can work for hours.

Using three antibacterial technologies, this device manages to achieve sterilization and antibacterial rates of 99%. First, it uses an ultraviolet light system to sterilize bacteria in the water, as well as an antibacterial filter to filter dust and absorb impurities. Finally, the humidifier integrates an air drying system that reduces the presence of mold and bacteria in the filter.

At the moment, the Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro will only go on sale in China for 899 yuan, about 117 euros to change. It is unknown if this advanced humidifier from the Chinese company will reach other markets, although we hope that this will be the case in order to enjoy all its novelties.

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