Xiaomi launches 7 new cheap televisions, from 130 euros and up to 75 inches

Seven new Xiaomi smart TVs, from 32 to 75 inches and with a price that starts from 150 euros.

Xiaomi has renewed its TV catalog by 2021, with a total of seven new models under the brand Mi TV. They are the models known as My TV EA 2022, and they come in different sizes and prices to choose from.

As usual, the new Xiaomi televisions stand out for having a value for money difficult to match, because we are talking about models with good characteristics, whose price starts from only 128 euros To the change.

Cheap 4k TV from Xiaomi

One of Xiaomi's new cheap 4K TVs.

This is how the new Xiaomi Mi TV televisions are

Depending on the chosen model, we will find panels LCD at 720p, Full HD or 4K resolution. All of them, yes, use displays with LCD technology.

Regarding the dimensions, we can find televisions of 32 and 40 inches with HD 720p resolution, from 43 inches with Full HD 1080p resolution, and finally, models 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches with 4K resolution.

In all of them the same processor based on Cortex A53 technology, and RAM memory between 1 and 1.5 GB. Also included 8 GB of storage.

The devices have a simple design with aluminum body, which boasts a slim look and very narrow screen margins. They all keep the same format in its base, with two lateral bases with a triangular shape. However, they include VESA system that allows to anchor the televisions to the wall using a generic bracket.

Your audio system consists of two speakers, 8W of power in the case of the smallest models, and 10W in the larger models.

The MIUI for TV system of the new Xiaomi Mi TVs

The MIUI for TV system of the new Xiaomi Mi TVs.

Inside we find a Android TV based software, customized with the MIUI for TV layer, which has recently been awarded for its excellent design.

Price of the new Xiaomi Mi TV and where to buy

Xiaomi has launched its new collection of televisions Mi TV only in china. They can be purchased through the official online store of the brand from this month, and each model has a different price.

ModelPrice in YuanPrice in eurosPrice in Dollars
Xiaomi Mi TV EA32999128153
Xiaomi Mi TV EA401399179214
Xiaomi Mi TV EA431499192230
Xiaomi Mi TV EA502199282337
Xiaomi Mi TV EA552399307370
Xiaomi Mi TV EA653199410491
Xiaomi Mi TV EA754999640766

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