Xiaomi has a folding hanger ideal for your travels

Xiaomi also knows how to make hangers.

When we thought that Xiaomi could not surprise us with anything else, they take and take out a folding hanger ideal for our trips. A hanger? But wasn't Xiaomi dedicated to making powerful and inexpensive phones? Yes, and also things like this.

Because Xiaomi does not miss an opportunity for anything. In addition to manufacturing technological products such as smartphones or wearables like the great Xiaomi Mi Band 6, they also surprise us with some creations that have nothing to do with technology. as is the case with this folding hanger. And what's so special? Well, you'll see.

Xiaomi has launched an ideal folding hanger to take with you on a trip

Xiaomi folding hanger

It is a folding hanger and indeed, it is from Xiaomi

We do not know how we ended up in Andro4all talking about hangers, but it is a very interesting Xiaomi product and there is no doubt that there are not a few of us who are all day traveling from one place to another, so it is more than possible that an accessory like this comes to us as ring to the finger.

On more than one occasion when we have to travel and for example we arrive at a hotel, we realize that we have no place to leave our shirts, pants and other clothes. This will no longer be a problem thanks to these folding hangers since the grace of them is that they take up so little space that we can carry several in a backpack or suitcase.

The hanger is made of plastic and only weighs about 60 grams. It is available in various colors such as green, gray, blue and pink. Its price, like everything from Xiaomi, is quite cheap, although if we compare it with a traditional hanger, it loses out. About 4 euros, although of course, this is foldable.

Best of all and unlike other Xiaomi products, This can be found in stores like AliExpress so we don't have to live in China to get these hangers.

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