Xiaomi breaks mobile sales records and is about to beat the iPhone

Nobody has doubts anymore, in 2021 we will see Xiaomi overtake Apple and become the second largest smartphone manufacturer.

Xiaomi continues on a roll and this is a maxim that almost does not matter when you read it, because it is that to the Chinese giant his movements are counted as successes it gets into the gardens in which it gets into.

The last to agree with Lei Jun's team have been the Canalys consultants, who, according to Android Authority, affirm that Xiaomi has just signed its best quarter in history in smartphone sales, already ranking short distances from Apple in market share and very well positioned to do the sorpasso already this year.

Xiaomi Mi 11, rear and cameras

Xiaomi's latest flagship, the Mi 11, in a magnetic blue color.

Cotton does not deceive and the numbers neither, because according to the reports of the experts only a measly percentage point separates Xiaomi from the apple giant, placing the Haidian manufacturer as the third global manufacturer in mobile shipments with the highest year-on-year growth in big five.

Xiaomi is already challenging Apple in the smartphone industry, very close in market share and with unbeatable growth, it could surpass those of Cupertino even already in this second quarter of 2021.

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As you will see in the graph that follows, Xiaomi has grown in the past Q1 of 2021 no less than 62% compared to the same period of 2020, adding up to 49 million mobile phones delivered and keeping 14% of the market in its income statement.

Second in contention is Apple, grew 41% year-on-year to 52.4 million iPhones shipped and rising from 14% of Compartir up to 15% in these first months of 2021.

And as always in the last exercises, first place on the podium for Samsung, which maintains its hegemony, growing by 28% to retain their 22% market share with 76.5 million mobile phones delivered.

Canalys Q1-2021 Report

Canalys publishes its reports on Q1-2021, with Xiaomi and OPPO surely celebrating their successful numbers.

Incredible also the growth of other Chinese firms such as OPPO and alive, 60% in the first case and 48% in the second, already converted into the fourth and fifth largest smartphone manufacturers in the planet.

Experts say that the gap between Apple and Xiaomi has never been so narrow, and that indeed the success of the Chinese manufacturer is focused on maintaining its quality / price policy, but now also going to compete at the highest level premium of the industry:

Its competitors offer higher margins, but Xiaomi's high sales volume actually gives distributors a better opportunity to make money. The race is not over, OPPO and vivo are on its heels as well and are positioning themselves in many regions to narrow down Xiaomi's penetration levels. Ben Stanton, an analyst at Canalys.

The experts do not doubt that throughout 2021 the boys and girls of Xiaomi will be able to celebrate their second place globally, something to which Huawei's fall into hell has also undoubtedly contributed.

Also, they refer to LG's output as a opportunity for Motorola, TCL or Nokia especially in the American continent, where LG retained good levels of market share.

We will have to keep an eye on the market, but my opinion quite coincides with that of Canalys consultants… Does anyone doubt that Xiaomi will be second this year in the mobile industry?

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