Wormhole is a simple, fast, free and private way to share large files

When it comes to sharing files that are already a bit above the average of small videos or groups of photos, the task is more complicated because It is not exactly something that we can do with an email or through WhatsApp, Telegram or other messaging apps.

If you want transfer files of several gigabytes onwards and also free, you have a few options, and few you will find as simple and efficient as Wormhole. You only need your browser, copy a link and not exceed 10 GB.

Send encrypted files with links that expire in 24 hours

Ready to download

Wormhole is very easy to use, you just have to drag the file you want to send to the app window and share the link with the person who is going to download. Also have an app for Windows, if you prefer that option.

You can share the link even before the upload and encryption is done, and you can also see a preview of the files during the process. It is important to note a couple of things: if the files are 5 GB or less, they will spend 24 hours on the Wormhole servers: they are uploaded to them and from there they are downloaded.


With files of this size, in our tests we obtained a download speed of 10 MB per second on average. Now, if the files are larger than 5GB up to 10GB, Wormhole uses a P2P connection, so the files are not uploaded to their servers but are transmitted directly from your computer to the computer of the user who downloads.

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This means that on the one hand, you'll have to keep the Wormhole window open until the user can download the file you transmit, and, on the other hand, with this method we obtained much slower download speeds: about 150 KB per second.

Either way, it is an interesting alternative. It's free and has a much higher limit than options like WeTransfer, for example. However, if you are looking for something similar, without size limits and faster, take a look at JustBeamIt, another similar service that we have talked about before.

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