Who is the creator of TikTok and what company is behind the social network

Who is behind the success of TikTok?

TikTok is one of the fastest apps that has reached the top of the most used social networks worldwide and despite the fact that it was banned in India, which caused it to lose nearly 200 million users, continues to stay in the top 10. Its success has caused even Instagram, a social media giant, to launch Reels, as an alternative to TikTok.

However, despite its great popularity, few know who is the creator of this social network, originally designed to share small music clips, but here we clarify these and other questions.

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Who is the creator of TikTok and what company is behind?

TikTok, as we said before, was programmed to be a social network where music clips could be shared, in fact, TikTok's original name in China is Douyin, what means shake the music, but for commercial reasons, the name was changed for the rest of the world.


This app was created by Yiming Zhang, a 39-year-old man with a degree in Software Engineering from Nankai University. Zhang has started several companies such as Kuxun, which was the most used travel and transportation search engine in China, or 99fang, a real estate listing portal. However, the success that led him to rank among the richest Chinese under 30 at the time and the current ninth richest man in China It was ByteDance, in which he holds the position of CEO.

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ByteDance is a technology company that among its main products, in addition to having TikTok, also has Toutiao, a news service launched in 2012 and based on Artificial Intelligence. Toutiao has more than 600 million users in China, despite the many criticisms received for content censorship promoted by the government of that country.

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ByteDance is also the majority shareholder of Indonesian news app BABE and creator of Helo a popular social media platform from India.

This company has currently worth more than $ 100 billion and it has been compared many times with Google, thanks to its large catalog of successful applications and that new ones are added every day.

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