What you can do with Google One even if you don't pay, and what are the additional benefits of being a subscriber

Google One is basically the paid version of Google Drive, Google's cloud storage service that it continues to offer. 15 GB free for all usersAlthough those 15 GB are shared between all the services of the company that you use: Gmail, Google Photos, and the documents and files that you keep in Drive.

The Google One application lets you do a few things even if you don't pay for storage, utilities mainly related to space management and backup creation Complete from a mobile with your Google account. From the Google One website you can also do some of these things, and if you wonder what additional advantages there is to pay for Google One in addition to the (obvious) extra space, here we answer you.

What you can do from Google One even if you don't pay for storage

Free Up Space Google One

The two basic functions that Google One has for all users, whether they are paid subscribers or not, are: reviewing the status of your storage and freeing up space.

The first serves to see where all your space is going, Google One offers in detail how much space you are spending on each of its services.

Items That Can Be Deleted

The second is for free up space and discard unnecessary or oversized items. Google One itself will select things like the largest items in your Drive account, photos and videos that take up too much space because they are too large, or even the attachments of your emails in your Gmail account that are very heavy.

To access these options, you just have to enter and in the home section click on Free up account space. What you will find there is a summary of the files that you can discard more easily, and they will give you to choose to review and release from emails from the trash or spam, to large files, photos and videos in Drive and Google Photos.

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What additional benefits do Google One subscribers have?

Advantages Google One Subscribers

The Google One subscription has several additional windows, and these benefits also vary over time, with new offers appearing from time to time. Currently Google One subscribers have additional editing features of Google Photos for example.

Those features are available in the Google Photos mobile apps for all premium users, and there are things like a video editor, filters, HDR, and portrait light. Another added benefit of Google One is that your subscribers get three free months of Stadia Pro, the most powerful version of Google's cloud video game service.

Other times Google One has offered advantages such as giving away Home Mini devices to subscribers simply for being paying users. These types of promotions are usually available for a limited time, so if you are a One subscriber, we recommend that from time to time you access the tab Advantage on the Google One website so you can see if there is something that you are interested in taking advantage of.

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