What Kinvolk is doing, the company that Microsoft has bought to persevere in the open source cloud and Linux

It is not a purchase of the entity of Nuance or LinkedIn in financial terms, but it is important because it represents another step in Microsoft's perseverance to embrace open source after decades of hatred. On this occasion, in order to improve Azure, those from Redmond have taken over the German company Kinvolk, specializing in open source cloud native distributed computing.

"The evolution of container-optimized workloads, lean application modernization, easier operations, and platform resilience are a high priority for us," they say from the company. Therefore, they have acquired this company.

From Microsoft they assure that they not only intend to incorporate Kinvolk's experience into Azure, but also their background in the construction and promotion of open source community projects.

Kinvolk, Kubernetes experts

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Kubernetes, as we know, is a portable and extensible open source platform for managing workloads and services. It makes automation easy, declarative configuration ... and in a way, it's one of the biggest revolutions in the development industry.

And run this platform, in different ways, "It has been a high priority for Azure customers looking to innovate quickly"They explain from Redmond. "To support this rapid evolution, we announce that Microsoft has acquired Kinvolk GmbH."

"Kinvolk has a broad and innovative history in open source cloud-native distributed computing, including Kubernetes, eBPF, community building, and container-optimized Linux, as well as critical early work with CoreOS (the enterprise) in the rkt container runtime. Kinvolk went on to create Flatcar Container Linux, a popular alternative to CoreOS Container Linux, as well as the Lokomotive and Inspektor Gadget projects. "

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Taking advantage of that baggage, Microsoft has taken out the wallet to acquire the company and bring that experience to the Azure team with clear objectives: be key contributors to the engineering development of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Arc, and future projects that they claim will "expand the capabilities of Azure's hybrid container platform and increase Microsoft's open source contributions in the space Kubernetes and Containers ". But not only.

The American technology multinational highlights that beyond this technical experience of the German team, they also want to learn from their seniority in "building and fostering open source community projects". Because, they say, Microsoft is committed to maintaining and building on Kinvolk's open source culture. In fact, your employees are going to stay working on your open source projects.

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