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After years of progressing very little, Microsoft Edge began to receive news at a very high rate at the time that from Redmond they embraced Chromium as an engine. In just over a year, the browser has not only been placed among those worth considering, but it is the one that the Genbeta team recommends, especially to those users who are already on Chrome.

Those who have switched to the new browser will soon be able to celebrate the arrival of the "performance mode" or "performance mode", which Microsoft is already testing in Microsoft Edge Canary 91, after having recently updated to version 90. Let's see what this mode will bring.

A way to reduce the consumption of Microsoft Edge resources

Chrome Edge Latest

Windows Latest

In Windows Latest they have already been able to test this novelty, and what they have found is that in performance mode it makes the "standby tabs", which the browser launched in January to reduce resource consumption, are activated in tabs that are inactive five minutes. It is a change from the default configuration, in which the tabs rest after two hours of inactivity.

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With this change already performance will be greatly reduced, especially with many tabs open in the background, but Microsoft promises that speed, response, CPU and battery usage will be improved, warning that performance improvements "may vary depending on your individual specifications and browsing habits."

Being an experimental feature that is only reaching some Canary users, you can still improve a lot by adding other optimizations. In that sense, Microsoft's approach seems aimed at competing with Opera GX, the gaming browser that allows resources to be allocated depending on whether the games need more or less machine.

If you want to activate that optimization of the performance mode in terms of tabs on standby, in the Edge settings we can select 5 minutes in the menu "suspend inactive tabs after specified time".

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