What is the 'Google is optimizing downloads' notice that appears on Google Play and how to remove authorization

A new notice is appearing when you open the Google Play Store: you may have skipped a 'Google is optimizing app downloads with your help', a poster that also hides a new function in the settings. Through this notice, Google notifies you that it is monitoring the correct operation of 'App Install Optimization' on your Android.

The Play Store is an application store that not only houses tons of software, it also requires technology that is constantly evolving so that downloading and installing apps is as light and comfortable as possible. And Google made a recent announcement: it was planning to reduce the weight of applications thanks to a new distribution of download packages. This optimization is coming into operation; with a notice that may have appeared to you.

Google requires your authorization to analyze the fractioning of downloads

Google Play Download Apps

By optimizing the installation of applications (App Install Optimization) Google plans to reduce the size of the apps and the expense required to download them fragmenting them according to different hardware requirements. In this way, it is not necessary to download the entire application and all the resources when the phone does not need them: Google Play determines what the user needs choosing the specific packages to download.

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Since Google is testing the fragmented download in the Play Store, and that it is conducting analysis to find out if its operation is correct, it must ask for the authorization of the users to obtain the appropriate information for the downloads. And it is just what warns by means of a poster that appears as soon as you open the Play Store. It has appeared to us in our Google Pixel 4a with Android 12 DP3.

The new notice specifies why to request authorization: Google want to make sure the new download optimization really does what it should. By default, authorization is activated by clicking on 'Got it', but you can withdraw it by following the following steps:

  • Open Google Play and click on your avatar, in the upper left corner.

  • Click on 'Settings' and then. Display the 'General' tab.

  • Uncheck the box for 'App download optimization'.

Google Play Download Apps

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