Wear OS already shows the level of ultraviolet radiation in the weather widget

Although the operating system does not advance as fast as it should, nor is it adopted at optical speed, the truth is that Wear OS continues to evolve update after update, and the last one has a lot to do with the summer that we already have around the corner, as it were.

Since we consult almost everything on our mobile phones and watches, Google has decided to modify the weather widget that is present on the lock screens of watches with Wear OS. Now they not only show the temperature or the state of the weather at that time, we also have information on the level of ultraviolet radiation.

A small change that will help prevent health problems

As we have said, the new change in Wear OS applies to the weather widget whose information is now more complete. Now we can easily see the level of ultraviolet radiation in the area where we are, and that the watch detects through GPS. We can already know how dangerous is sunlight wherever we are.

An important fact when it comes to protecting ourselves with sunscreen if we are going to be in direct sunlight for a long time, and perhaps you can invite us to change the short sleeves for long ones even if it is a bit hot. Without a doubt, a minor but important information that can now be consulted directly on the screen of watches with Wear OS.

Hopefully this update will be part of many others in the future. that allow Wear OS to recover positions with respect to other wearable devices in the future. Looking at the latest changes to Google Fit, and the addition of Fitbit to the Google ecosystem, it may be that the team at wearables Google regains some pulse in the market.

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