We tested Mighty Doom on Android, the return of the franchise that you can now download to your mobile

Bethesda is testing a new Doom, this time fully adapted to mobile touch screens. Vertical action, one-hand control, maximum simplicity and a large number of items to collect: we have already been able to test Mighty Doom on our Android.

Mighty Doom is Bethesda's latest twist on the legendary franchise that started the FPS fever. This franchise already has two Android games in the form of adaptations of the first and second parts, but it still remained to bring the atmosphere, characters and enemies to a title with 100% mobile aesthetics. That title is Mighty Doom, a game that is currently in testing within New Zealand and that we have already been able to test.

Goodbye to the first person, hello overhead view

Mighty doom

We could say that the name, the setting and the theme remain from Doom, not much else. The rest is too similar to what has already been seen in other 'shooter' type games with the mobile vertically: simple one-hand control, self-timer and maximum mechanical simplicity. Mighty Doom is a manual arcade and casual game, a title designed to offer a fast game experience without the emotions of meeting the enemies crouching around the next corner.

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The overhead perspective of Mighty Doom allows you to see each level as well as all the obstacles it contains, enemies included. The lower virtual control knob enables the movement of our 'Doomguy'; until we stop said movement, instant in which our protagonist will start shooting. The control of the shots is automatic, we only have to orient the character in the direction in which they should project the shots.

The levels follow one another like dungeons, in the 'roguelike' style. The enemies are recognizable from the franchise, also the settings and the weapons. As in any free-to-play game worth its salt, Mighty Doom includes a large number of items to collect with which to improve the characters and make the task of liquidating everything that moves easier. Once we die we can resurrect once to continue the process. The following we will need to drain the currency of the game; or restart the game losing a large part of the equipment that we have obtained.

Mighty doom

Bethesda plans to monetize the game thanks to process accelerators and virtual currencies, although most are not active at the moment. From what we have played, Mighty Doom does not pose insurmountable difficulties without paying a penny, hopefully the experience is not too unsatisfactory.

Mighty doom

Mighty Doom is not the usual Doom, rather it is a decaffeinated extension of the franchise with which to increase the list of casual titles in stores. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, the game offers unpretentious fun.

How to currently play Mighty Doom on Android

Mighty doom

Mighty Doom cannot be downloaded except in New Zealand, so the link to the Google Play store is of little use if you don't live there. However, there is a way to play this new Doom for mobile now: installing the APK with the OBB data.

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To perform the installation we will use the file and the APK Combo installer. Note that using this type of tool is always a risk, act at your own risk.

  • You need the APK Combo Package Installer to install the Mighty Doom Zip. Download it from their website.

  • Access this link and download the complete Zip of Mighty Doom. The download must be done on the mobile (or you can later upload the file to the phone's downloads folder).

  • Open the APK Combo installer and find the Zip you downloaded. Install it.

  • You will already have Mighty Doom on your Android: now you just have to start it and play: you don't even need a VPN.

Mighty Doom is currently in testing, so there is still a lot of room for improvement. You have to consider this.

Mighty DOOM

Mighty DOOM

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