Ueli is an extensible launcher for Windows 10 and Mac with tons of functions, ideal for fans of doing everything with the keyboard

Personally, I really like the app launchers or "launchers" that can be used on the desktop to run applications, search for files, and even perform certain operations without lifting the mouse in any moment.

My favorite and the one I currently use is PowerToys Run, which is included in the utilities of the new PowerToys for Windows 10. However, this week I got a fairly powerful alternative that also works on macOS. His name is ueli and it's free, open source and extensible.

Multiple additional functions and plugins

Ueli has more than a dozen features, 19 on Windows and 17 on macOS. It is an extensible launcher to which you can easily add additional features with some plugins, and the installation of these is within the reach of a click in the configuration.

By default ueli does all the most basic things like allow search and run applications, do math directly from the launcher, convert colors, use the command line, search system directories, or search the web.

Additional Plugins

Activation of additional plugins, as simple as one click

You can also activate extra things, like search for control panel items, run operating system commands, and even translation or fast opening of files and websites from your own shortcuts.

Everything you are missing if you do not take advantage of the new PowerToys for Windows 10

From the settings you can customize many things, from change the language to Spanish until you change the colors of everything, and of course, activate additional functions. To launch ueli you can use the default keyboard shortcut (ALT + Spacebar), or you can easily change it to the one you prefer in the settings.

Ueli configuration

Ueli configuration

You can download ueli for both Windows and macOS, from this link on the official website. You have .exe versions (Windows) or the .dmg package (macOS) to install it on your system, or, you can use a portable version that does not need installation. Besides all this, you can also install ueli through Chocolatey using the command choco install ueli in the PowerShell.

This tool is open source released under an MIT license. You can view her code or learn more about her and the project from her GitHub page.

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