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Twitch will sanction misconduct by users even when it occurs off-platform

Twitch, the streaming content platform owned by Amazon, wanted to clarify what are the hateful and harassing behaviors that you intend to sanction in accordance with your conduct policy Hate and Harassment filed earlier this year. One of the matters that attract the most attention is that the updated policy may take action against users for hateful and harassing conduct that occurs outside of the Twitch services.

This means that if on other social networks outside of Twitch, on other online services and even offline there are reprehensible behaviors by members of the platform or against this community, this website will take action. To carry out these actions, the platform has announced two different categories.

Twitch begins to notice the effects of its streaming war and loses hours of views and broadcasts

Two categories to be taken into account


The first category indicates when a person is a victim of harassment within Twitch, as well as outside of Twitch. In this case, if the platform now evaluates complaints of harassment due to an incident that happens in a live stream, now it will also be taken into account when something similar also happens outside the service.

In category two Penalties will now apply against serious offenses that present a substantial security risk to the Twitch community, also if such actions occur entirely outside of Twitch.

Twitch begins to notice the effects of its streaming war and loses hours of views and broadcasts

In this category we find: lethal violence and violent extremism; recruitment or terrorist activities; explicit or credible threats of mass violence; leading or belonging to a hate group; perform or act as an accessory to sexual activities non-consensual or sexual assault; sexual exploitation of minors, such as preparing minors for sexual activities and promoting / distributing sexual materials of minors; actions that would directly and explicitly put the physical safety of the Twitch community at risk, such as threats of violence at a Twitch event; or explicit or credible threats against Twitch, including its staff.

That is, if it is known that a user has accusations of sexual violence or belongs to to some “hate” group like some xenophobic organization, will also be sanctioned within Twitch. They are serious behaviors and Twitch itself recognizes that the list "does not include all types of harassment and abuse."

Agreement with an external legal firm


For this task, Twitch will engage an external research partner to support its internal team during these investigations. This partner is an experienced law firm dedicated to conducting independent workplace and campus investigations, including those related to discrimination and assault, according to information provided by Twitch. This association aims to further investigate and respond to off-duty reports of misconduct.

There will also now be a specific email address, which can be used by anyone to report offensive and misconduct outside of the service in the aforementioned categories by a member of the Twitch community. The email address is OSIT@twitch.tv. Any information sent to this address will be treated as confidential, and will only be shared with a very limited group of people within Twitch or with the aforementioned third-party research partner.

The social platform clarifies that although in some cases the people who are being investigated could be informed, in cases related to illegal conduct, "we may not be able to notify the person involved in order to preserve the evidence"clarify those responsible for this initiative.