Top 9 free alternatives to Google Calendar

There is life beyond Google Calendar. These 9 alternatives are more than complete apps to organize your calendar, with widgets, reminders and more.

Google apps are usually among the best in their different categories, but that doesn't mean that there aren't other similar apps that also offer great performance and top-notch tools. The same thing happens with the Google calendar, a good app for organize your schedule, but not the only one, as there are outstanding alternatives.

In the Google Play Store there are free calendar applications that have the most important functions: different views, reminders, widgets, synchronization with applications and more. After analyzing the app store, we have selected the best free alternatives to Google Calendar that you can download and use on a day-to-day basis.

Samsung Galaxy A50 calendar

There are very good alternatives to Google Calendar.

Top best free alternatives to Google Calendar

A good calendar app is one in which you can write down all your events, such as work appointments and birthdays, which are syncs with all apps to obtain your data, which reminds you of your plans so you are never late and it has widgets to set on the home screen.

If you are looking for these functions in a calendar app for your mobile, watch out for these alternatives to Google Calendar, all of them free.

  • Calendar Business Agenda
  • Calendar - Agenda, Events and Reminders
  • TimeTree
  • Calendar
  • One Calendar
  • aCalendar
  • DigiCal Calendar
  • Simple Calendar

Calendar Business Agenda


Calendar Business Agenda is a free calendar application for Android that offers advanced tools to manage your personal agenda. Provides up to 6 different views (month, week, day, agenda, tasks and year), it is synchronized with Google's own Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and more apps, and has 7 assorted widgets from which to choose.

Of course, this calendar reminds you of your most important appointments so you don't forget them, as well as offering you smart suggestions for titles, locations and participants for each event. As if this were not enough, you can also do share your calendar with your family and friends sharing it with them.

Calendar - Agenda, Events and Reminders

App Calendar Agenda Reminders and Events

Simple and free, this is Calendar - Agenda, Events and Reminders.

If you are looking for a simple calendar application that you can manage quickly, Calendar is a great option. It has an intuitive interface that takes you to add events in seconds, with the option to customize them to easily locate them on the calendar. In addition, in each of them you can configure alerts so that they are not overlooked.

As a good calendar app it is, Calendar - Agenda, Events and Reminders syncs with other apps that you use on your mobile to add the events registered in these. As an added detail, has a dark theme that you can easily activate in case you like the interface with duller colors more.


TimeTree App

TimeTree is a calendar for the whole family.

TimeTree is a very particular calendar, as it is focused on the participation of a group of users, not for just one. This makes it ideal to use with your family, friends or co-workers, since all participants can add events and receive reminders of the application.

In addition, TimeTree is cross-platform, as it also works on PC. In case you are going to use it on your Android devices, remember that you can add a widget to have a quick view calendar from the home screen.


Calendar app

With Calendar you can synchronize the events of other apps.

Was it your friend's birthday and you forgot it again? What you need in your life is Calendar, a free calendar app in which you can set special reminders for birthdays. It is not only used for that, you can also add events of any other type and manage your day-to-day schedule.

In addition, with Calendar you can create a To do list and add personal goals, like exercising 3 times a week. Don't worry, because the app itself will take care of finding time for you to fulfill those purposes.


The most prominent detail of this calendar application called is its synchronization with a wide number of services, like WhatsApp, Trello, Google Calendar, Amazon Alexa, Office 365 and Gmail, among many others.

In addition to functioning as a complete calendar in which you can add all your events and receive reminders, also fulfills the role of notepad, organizer for family, board to add post-it and project management tool. Definitely, an all-in-one application when it comes to productivity.

One Calendar

App One Calendar

One Calendar has a very clear interface where you can see all the events at a glance.

If for something we like One Calendar as an alternative to Google Calendar, it is because of its interface, so simple that at a glance it allows you to know the events you have in the coming days. You can choose between different views and custom themes to give the application another style.

In favor of the installation of One Calendar also plays its compatibility with other calendars, their widgets and the simplicity of its use, which you will master in just a few minutes.


ACalendar App

aCalendar has up to 7 different widgets to choose from.

Also free is the aCalendar application, a calendar with an interface that allows you to quickly switch between the day, week, month and agenda view. One of the most important features of aCalendar is the variety of widgets available, 7 in total, interesting to add the calendar to the home screen of your mobile and not have to open the app to know your next appointments.

Among the details that make this application particular are also the information of the Moon phases, the possibility of export the calendar in ICS or CSV and extensive customization options.

DigiCal Calendar

Digical Calendar App

DigiCal Calendar has one of the most beautiful designs of the calendar apps.

If you are looking for a calendar application that, in addition to being free, is beautiful, pay attention to Digical Calendar. It has a simple interface, but well designed, which is the perfect complement to its full functions. With Digical Calendar you can choose between 7 elegant calendar views, in addition to adding any of its 6 beautiful widgets to the home screen of the device.

To differentiate the events from each other, you can customize them with up to 42 different colors. In them you can also add the location, which will be suggested by the application itself with Google Places help.

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar App

Its own name indicates it, Simple Calendar stands out for its simplicity.

Simplicity is the main asset of Simple Calendar, which no need internet connection to work. It also has no ads, something that is appreciated having a better user experience.

With Simple Calendar, just add the events to your agenda, customize them taking advantage of the multiple options and set alarms so you don't forget what you have to do. Of course, there is no shortage of widgets to view your calendar directly from the home screen.

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