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This website takes you on a virtual visit to museums around the world

Many of us are used to going to museums every time we need to cheer up our eyes or our spirits, something that has been very difficult in recent times, given the pandemic situation.

Fortunately, on the Internet they do not stop emerging initiatives that allow us to travel without having to leave our homes, being an infinite source of entertainment when we need it most.

Art at the click of a button

Virtual Museums is a good example of this, and it is an interactive world map in which we can find museums around the world that offer some kind of virtual tour.

When we enter this website we will see the classic Google Maps map, with red locators. These points indicate which museums offer virtual tours online, and on this platform some of the most important on the planet are compiled.

Window And Virtual Museums Explore The World S Museums Virtually Product Hunt

We can zoom in (zooming out or zooming in on the area we want) and once we select any of the markers it will tell us the name of the museum and what this virtual tour offers us.

Window And Explore The World S Museums

Below there are (in most cases) two buttons: one to visit the museum's official website and the other that takes us directly to the virtual tour.

This way we will be able to visit such emblematic museums as the Frida Kahlo Museum (in Mexico City), the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York.

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The reality is that I have had a good time browsing this interactive map and visiting different museums, and some virtual tours are really impressive (full of works and information about them). It is very useful to have websites like this at hand in these months when we are away from such unforgettable works.