This website increases and improves the quality of your images in a simple and free way

We have already talked about the Icons8 tools on other occasions, and this time they return with a really useful website. This is Smart Upscaler, a page with which we can improve and increase the size of an image in a matter of seconds.

Before analyzing what we can achieve with this website and how they do it, we appreciate how simple it is to use it: as easy as dragging the photo and downloading it again enlarged. It will not be necessary to create a user or pay for it. Of course, we can only do it three times for each browser for free.

Artificial intelligence to the rescue

Once we have dragged the image, we can choose between increasing it to double or quadruple in size. This is done by artificial intelligence, and in the following video we can see how it works:

"We use machine learning to recognize patterns and decide how edges and shapes should look within an image, while increasing the overall size.

The truth is that in Genbeta we have already tried similar tools, and in my experience this is one of the best I have used, both for its simplicity and its results.

"Your images will not be used or shared in any way"

Window Y Smart Upscaler Use Ml To Improve And Enlarge Images For Free Product Hunt

We must take into account the maximum weight allowed is 5 MB and that the images will be scaled up to a maximum of 3,000x3,000px. I have tried adding some old photographs (which I had scanned at very low resolution) and the truth is that I have managed to increase them and even improve the quality they had.

Finally, they make it clear that all images are stored "safely and deleted as soon as the process is complete." They state that "they will not be used or shared in any way."

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