This website (and extension) gathers in one place dozens of categorized and very useful online tools

A designer, a developer, a manager of social networks ... even a simple user, sometimes needs to perform simple tasks, but does not have the necessary tools. The website aims to solve this issue gathering in a single place all kinds of utilities, classified in various categories and with a search engine to find the most suitable one.

10015 Tools aims to achieve the above with, in addition, a clean and beautiful user interface. For this reason, also, each of the tools it offers is designed to solve a problem with a minimum number of steps "to save users time and reduce the complexity of the operation", explains its creator, the developer of frontend Fatih Telis.

The good thing about 10015 Tools is that all the tools are proprietary, not third-party, and all of them are programmed in a way that is easy to use.

One website and two extensions for Chrome (also valid for Edge) and Firefox

One of the tools of 10015 Tools

This portal with two extensions for browsers, one for Chrome (and therefore also for Edge) and another for Firefox, classify the tools in those related to text, images, CSS, code, colors and social networks. It also has a tailor's drawer with general tools.

The utilities include a Lorem Ipsim generator, a font converter between uppercase, lowercase and vice versa; image color pickers, a photo censor, a CSS background pattern generator, an HTML encoder / decoder, a RGBA to HEX converter, a tool to apply Instagram filters to any image, or a QR code generator.

Sensa Emoji is a perfect pack of free, open source and vector emojis to use in your projects

The great thing about 10015 Tools is that all tools are ownThey are not from third parties, and all of them are programmed in a way that is easy to use as we said at the beginning. Thanks to the browser extensions, they are doubly useful as they are more accessible with just a couple of clicks.

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