This way you can review the privacy of your LinkedIn so as not to leave any sensitive personal data in sight

LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence. More than 675 million people use it around the world to keep in touch with co-workers, other professionals, companies and, also, to look for work.

Due to the importance it can have for many people, especially those who work in sectors closely linked to the digital world, keeping the profile up to date and having it optimized is essential. Also provide contact options in the face of possible opportunities, although if one is jealous of their data, we must do this with moderation.

We may be showing our contacts and even other people outside our LinkedIn network, unknowingly, data such as our phone number or email

In this article we take a brief tour of the privacy options of the platform so that you can know how we can show or not show sensitive data such our phone number, email, professional career or full name and act according to your interests. As a precaution and even in case problems arise at some point.

Strengthening LinkedIn privacy

LinkedIn settings page

LinkedIn settings page.

First, you should know that in general all LinkedIn members can see your full profile. Although you can control how you want to show your public profile in search to members who are not logged in by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right part of the main page of the social network and clicking on Settings and privacy.

Once in the configuration page, we will access Visibility from the right column already Visibility of your profile and your network. Here we will click on the option Edit your public profile to change the above options.

In general, as explained from the platform, all LinkedIn members can see our full profile

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Having said that, we go to the data that may be more sensitive for the majority. Without leaving Visibility of your profile and your network, we may restrict who can find our LinkedIn profile via email or phone number. Are the options Profile discovery by email address Y Profile discovery by phone number. We can among the options of all, second degree contacts or no one, the most restrictive option.

However, modifying these options will not make this information no longer visible to anyone if that were its status. To carry out any of these changes, we must go to our profile and click on the link Contact information that we will find in the block where our name, description and other information also appear.

Contact information block that can be accessed from a LinkedIn profile

Contact information block that can be accessed from a LinkedIn profile.

The most sensitive point is the 'Contact information', in this block accessible from our profile we can be showing our telephone number or email due to configurations that we have forgotten or made without knowledge

In this block we will see what information they can see our direct contacts and and members to whom we have sent an invitation to connect or members to whom we have replied to InMail messages. It can be the phone number, email, address and Twitter account, among others.

We must know that to delete data such as mobile phone number or address, the procedure is as simple as editing the block. We click on the pencil icon that we will find in the upper right part and we will erase the data or data that we want. So that the email address or the Twitter account that we link at some point in time cannot be seen, the procedure is different.

LinkedIn gives us the option of hiding our surnames to people outside our network if we wish.

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Email address visibility options

Email address visibility options.

In this case, we must go back to Settings and privacy > Visibility >Visibility of your profile and your network. Here, we will click on the option Who can view or download your email address and we will find a question about who we want to be able to see our email address- Anyone on LinkedIn, first- and second-degree contacts, first-degree contacts, or just ourselves.

To delete our Twitter account, again, we have to dive into the LinkedIn configuration options. Since Settings and privacy we will access Account preferences from the left column and finally in Partners and services. Here we will find the Twitter section in which we can manage the information of this network that appears in our profile so, for example, that it is not visible to our contacts.

Thoroughly review the privacy options of LinkedIn and other social networks is a good habit to keep our data safe according to our interests

Finally back in Settings and privacy > Visibility >Visibility of your profile and your network, we can choose whether to navigate in visible or private mode, who can see our contacts, what is the visibility of our profile outside of LinkedIn or who can see our surnames. To edit these options, just click on Change and then choose the settings you want.

Thoroughly review the privacy settings of LinkedIn and other social networks is a good habit to keep our data safe according to our interests. Maybe we want to show our email, but not our phone number or Twitter and being aware of what we keep in view of the rest is crucial for our privacy.

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