This way you can modify the 2020 income tax return if you have already presented it and you have made a mistake

For years, obtaining the draft tax return has been extremely simple. All you have to do is identify yourself and follow a few simple steps. Accepting it is also a matter of a few clicks, but before doing so and, therefore, presenting our personal income tax, we must be sure that everything is fine and there are no mistakes. If the Treasury detects them, we may have a problem

However, if we have been wrong, we must know that we can modify an already filed return From the Tax Agency's own website and without too much complication, fortunately.

If you have made a mistake in filing the 2020 income statement, you should know that you can modify it from the Tax Agency's own website without too much complication, although you should do it as soon as possible

Yes indeed, It must be clear that the sooner we carry out the modification, the better. Why? Because if the acceptance of the draft and presentation of the income statement has led to the realization of a lower income or the realization of a higher refund, the regularization will inevitably go through the completion of another procedure: a complementary declaration.

Income 2020: how to modify a tax return already filed

Income Portal 2020

Income Portal 2020. / Tax Agency

To proceed to modify the 2020 income statement that we have already submitted we will resort to the option Modification of a tax return already filed that we will find in the Renta 2020 portal, in the section More formalities. This procedure is also within the options of form 100 of the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency.

Once we have accessed, such as when we obtained the draft or consulted the tax data, we will have to identify ourselves. The methods are the usual ones: digital certificate, electronic DNI, Cl @ ve PIN system or with the Income reference number.

The final process to modify the declaration already presented will appear after identifying ourselves and choosing the declaration that we want to change. / Tax agency

After identification, we will select whether the action we wish to carry out is on our own behalf or as a representative of a third party and, after this step, we will see a kind of file with data on our already filed income tax return. Among other information, we can see its status and if it is still in process. If so, we can modify it without further ado by accessing the service Modify declaration that we will find among the available services.

Renta WEB will then start, the system that allows us to make the declaration, and in the window that will appear we will click on the button Modify filed return. Then we will enter the declaration page and we will have to indicate the type of modification: if it is a supplementary declaration or a rectification of the self-assessment in section General data.

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The rectification of self-assessment it may be carried out, as the Tax Agency makes clear, "provided that the Tax Administration has not carried out a final settlement or provisional settlement for the same reason." In addition, the agency points out, "it is necessary that the period of four years has not elapsed from the day following the end of the submission period, or from the day following the submission of the statement if it was submitted outside of said period" .

The box that must be checked to indicate that we wish to initiate a rectification procedure

The box that must be checked to indicate that we wish to initiate a rectification procedure. / Tax agency

You will also have to check box 127 and, in the new window that will appear, the option If you want to start a rectification procedure .... What if it is a supplementary statement? Well, as indicated by the Treasury, in the case of a complementary return we will have to mark box 107 or the alternative to indicate the cause that motivates the presentation of the complementary return.

After these steps, we can change the ones that are necessary and with everything correct, we will validate the data as when we modified the draft and we will confirm if the declaration is correctly completed. We will click on the button Submit statement and we will finish the procedure like this. As usual, we can download a PDF with the declaration presented.

In any case, before the slightest doubt about this process and its consequences, we must contact the Tax Agency Through its different communication channels so that you advise us and be able to act safely.

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